My impressions of the Agents of Mayhem best reflects a small episode of the game, which has clung to me so that I can not forget it, even after the passage of tridtsatichasovogo.

Causing its supercar-controlled intelligent and talkative AI, you can get to an area that will allow you to move to jump behind the wheel of cars arrived. The movement is incredibly cool, that’s just the machine stops immediately when you find yourself in, because of what you have to own it accelerates from zero.

But one could jump into a racing car and to continue further movement! And this feeling of a great start, which comes to replace the ruined moment came back to me again and again until I was in this new third-person shooter.

Agents of Mayhem pays homage to the heroes of television fighters: here you are, “cartoon” videos, and the ability to constantly switch between wards during the battle. We have to think about several characters, evaluating how well the combination of their skills. The game has a strong emphasis on teamwork, which is somewhat ironic, given that it has no network modes and co-op.

Epic Battle bekronimov, the game offers a look at the conflict evil forces LEGION (League of Evil Gentlemen, plans to destroy the Nation) and MAYHEM (multinational AgetstvA on Hunt Evil Geniuses).

Complete with a rather nice music and life tips on the loading screen, Agents of Mayhem does not hide his love for “The Avengers” and things like that. All this is combined in a variety of heroes and villains who live in the game world.



And that haunted me the monotony of the game. Memorable villains of all “episodes” (each chapter of history is represented as an episode of the TV show Agents of Mayhem) will be typed on the strength of two pieces. Everyone has a “trick”.

For example, there is a self-serving pop star and a cyborg with a god complex. But all their cunning villainy eventually boiled down to thrown at me in waves of seven or eight types of minions, until they have ended in these same cronies. For what, of course, each time followed fairly predictable battle with the corresponding boss.

However, in a shootout with hordes of bad guys, too, has its own charm: just play for fun a few characters. We can at any time to teleport to itself the right fighter (previous automatically go in the opposite direction) as if just switch between different weapons.

They each have their own unique skills and superpriemy who contribute a certain percentage of diversity. Over time, you can discover new skills, equipment, weapons and abilities, so in this respect, the game will satisfy the most meticulous and lovers of “tuning” their characters.


What to prefer: tools, causing damage to the area, or drone, capable of paralyzing enemies who will finish your other characters?

Or, you may want to pick up some crazy contraption from your technical team, say, lunar laser (yes, the name, by the way, accurately conveys the essence), or the device that makes all pedestrians are exploding in the vicinity?

Deal with each hero is very nice. Personally, my style perfectly approached the trio, which included Braddock, Fortuna and Chamomile. But I was glad to make changes to this group, changing some of the heroines of someone else, to see what can my new recruits.

Each type of enemies using their skills to the fullest: gain, say, removing my guns out of action, which is very good effect on a fun shoot.

Insane and so pleasant, that I am not very sad about the fact that in fact, I fought the whole game with the same species of villains. I went through the main campaign in about 25 hours. Unlock all agents. And I do not get tired of the battle, perhaps as much as the second half of the game.

The strongest feature of the Agents of Mayhem, I think, be particularly Episodes – optional missions that allow you to be distracted from the main story and get to know the particular agent. I gladly took up any such assignment as soon as possible. Not because they are remembered with something special (they mostly boil down to “kill them all”), but because each of them well to disclose the relevant character. And his relationship with the other actors. Small parts, for example, love one agent to another, do help imbued with sympathy for the ward.

These mini-history is especially valuable because even though I usually like crazy, rude humor Game Developer Volition, many scripted scenes struck me as too commonplace. No, not all conversations were absolutely awful, but then grabs ridiculous situations with strained jokes, which in other circumstances would be very bad. I came across a lot of funny moments, but in every such situation, which I sincerely amused, or come with my heroes, had beaten a lot of references. Some of these “references” were commonplace quotes from different movies and TV shows, without any attempt to understand what was said. And others simply long since obsolete.