The Escapists 2

Many films deal with how people end up in jail. Some of them also escape from it. In 2015 we were allowed to slip into the role of a prisoner for the first time in The Escapists, who somehow had to make a way out of prison. This should, as in the film The Shawshank Redemption, of course, be well thought-over and needs some preparation. In The Escapists 2 , the playing principle is revisited. Whether this works, we have in a not yet finished pre-release for you tested.


Before we experience the more or less adventures of our lives in prison, we can let go of our prisoners and choose from all sorts of possibilities to personalize the little pixel people. You can, however, “only” match the gender and the head, the rest is the same for all the figures. What is not really a criticism. There are enough options to make his convict half-way believable.

The Escapists 2

If you have chosen an alter ego and the jail of your choice, which is either the Tutorial prison or Center Perks 2.0, you will finally be released into your charming penitentiary.

The Escapists 2

Above all, your three basic values, which you should always keep in mind, are important. On the one hand, your health, for obvious reasons, then your perseverance, which is helpful in certain activities, and lastly, the so-called “heat”, which indicates how suspicious you are at the moment, because you violate rules. Besides these values, you also have three skills that you can improve.On the one hand strength, if your cell neighbors have already snatched you the best place in the cafeteria before your nose, then your fitness, which determines how fast your endurance loses, and then – of course – your intellect, which affects your crafting abilities.

The Escapists 2


The goal of the game sounds simple: you should break out of prison. So far so good. In order to do this, however, you must not only do some of your fellow prisoners’ tasks, for example, to raise money, but also increase your values ​​in order to escape everyday life, but also explore every corner of your prison to find possible weaknesses , By the way, you can, of course, also browse the cells of your colleagues, and perhaps you are bumped into one or the other interesting item.

Speaking of objects. You are, of course, not just dependent on chance, and you have to hope to find a hedge. You can also make them yourself, assuming the necessary intellect. In order to increase the value in general, you have to master a small example, which requires only a little bit of skill. In German: You must press two keys of your keyboard in a certain sequence. The higher your level in the intellect, the better items you can make. In order to produce objects, tools, or even weapons, you must first find the materials to make a new object.

The manufactured items are designed to help you successfully escape from captivity. You can be creative. Of course, you also have the option to simply dig out to meet the stereotype.


But until the time comes, you have to master the prison day. This is strictly regulated and should be followed, if you do not want to notice in the mass. There are times when you have to make an appeal in the morning, then again, in which all the prisoners in the cafeteria have to find, times for your job, times for your education and somehow you can even shower all together. Between all the strictly regulated times, there is also the so-called leisure time, in which you should decide how you spend it. This part of the day is, of course, suitable for preparing your outbreak, doing assignments, making items, and inspecting your escape route.

If you fail to do this in secret, the prison may be sealed off and examined for potential fugitives. If you are caught, you may spend some time in solitary confinement. In order to be released from this once more, you may peel potatoes if necessary. The individual can also be a possible consequence for minor offenses, for example if you are not in your cell in the evening.