As the game console can be sold quickly

Zelda: Breath of the Wild as she was, and remains a best-seller for the Switch. Nintendo has estimated total figures for March: it turned out that since the start of console sales were sold 2 million 760 thousand copies of the game.. . And of these, only 390 thousand were in their native Japan, and the rest – to other regions. Global success in such matters is always more important than the local.

Version for Wii U also feels good: it sold over a million units. Thus, the cumulative figure exceeded 3 million to 800 thousand. Pieces. This is – a double record: among games ever coming out to start any of the consoles by Nintendo and the history of the Zelda franchise.

Global sales Switch thus amounted to 2 million 740 thousand. Pieces. A very interesting fact: the game ahead of the console itself is 20 thousand copies.. That is, possession factor (attach rate) is greater than unity. Even easier: in this world there are now twenty thousand people, who already have the new Zelda on the cartridge, but there is Switch, to play it.

Nintendo on the key market in the US (and you thought it was Japan?), The story is the same. Zelda sales overtake sales of the console Switch on the tens of thousands of pieces. Nintendo has tried to give it a unique phenomenon of rational explanation. “Everything can be explained by the fact that some people bought a limited edition in order to put it on the shelf in its original form. And in a separate, conventional cartridge – to just play “- the company’s representative said.

It really does make some sense. In the market there are still two limited editions: Special Edition for $ 99.99 and Master Edition for $ 129.99. Though it is strange – why not gently remove the print cartridge, and put all the other regalia back to where they should be – that is, in a bullet-proof cabinet, which is already stored Mario Splatoon figures and characters?

And here we come up against the second – much more important – reason: in the deficit. Nintendo generally known for their strange relationship to supply and demand. Gamers are ready to gnaw each other’s throats, and pay hundreds of dollars for NES Classic Mini, and the company says quietly that revived “Dandy” is removed from the conveyor.

W Switch also has not done without lining: in the west there was a lack of new consoles, what wrote many publications – not only pure gamer, but also professional, devoted most of the entertainment industry. That is the most impressionable, once in the store and not finding there Switch, purchased at least the cartridge with a new Zelda – and all of a sudden and then snatch away !?

Calculations Nintendo seem a little strange: on the basis of which the company distributed the regional delivery of the new console? At the beginning of March, the very next day after the presentation of the world, Switch stacks stood on the shelves of Russian electronic retailers. In the UK and even the US demanded new items from time to time is not enough.

It is clear that the US – a key market: it was bought 1 million 200 thousand copies of the set-top box.. In almost all other regions, from Europe to Australia (except Japan) -. 260 thousand less. But here nonetheless. In the United States – the signs of deficiency, and in Russia – the abundance of the first day, even though the same PS4 Pro we had only 3 and a half months after the start of sales.

Whatever it was, Nintendo is full of optimism. Japanese company intends to sell another 10 million. Switch copies until March 2018 year. If the forecast comes true, then the new console in just one year shows sales volume, which the Wii U could be achieved only over the entire life cycle – and it is as much as 5 years. And of course with 13 million new consoles already have all the suffering will be on what to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild.