Riot Games held an exhibition of contemporary art in honor of the tenth anniversary of the League of Legends

In Seoul, an exhibition of contemporary art called Invade Art, dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the League of Legends. Journalists from the InvenGlobal portal attended the event and posted several photos.

At a free exhibition, Korean authors presented their paintings. In addition to traditional works, some showed performances. For visitors, they created places for creativity, where they could collect puzzles or color the characters from League of Legends to their taste. A collection of recolors was placed in one of the halls.

League of Legends celebrated its tenth anniversary in October 2019. At a special event dedicated to this event, the studio announced several new games – fighting game, shooter, KKI, an e-sports manager simulator, as well as mobile versions of Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends.

Invade Art. Source: InvenGlobal / Joonkyu Lasso Seok, David Viion Jang