Legends of Runeterra – a card game in the League of Legends universe goes into open beta

Company Riot games reported that submitted last fall strategic card game Legends of runeterrabeing part of the universe League of Legends, will go into open beta status already January 24th.

It was announced that previously played in the demo or ended pre-registration until January 20 (10:59 Moscow time) users get early access to Legends of Runeterra MBT on January 23.

The official large-scale start of the open beta will take place on January 24 at 22:00 Moscow time.

The authors discarded all the progress that the players achieved in the demo versions and assured that starting from the project’s release into open testing, there will be no more account reset.

“Everything earned in open beta testing will remain with you!”, – says the announcement.

Developers will give beta participants the exclusive poro-protector of moonlight.

Riot Games did not forget about those who already in the demo spent real money on the project.

“We reset all accounts. This means that all purchases made with coins were reset, and the coins themselves were returned to your account. The number of coins has changed due to the aforementioned changes in the game’s economy, but their purchasing power will not be lower than the previous one (in other words, prices have also changed). “

Commenting on the changes in beta relative to the latest versions, the studio said that it improved the game as a whole, added ranked games, a friends window and the ability to challenge friends. In addition, three new defenders (helping to customize the playing field to your taste) and six new playing fields (each with its own special effects and music theme) will expand the possibilities of personalization. More than 20 maps have been changed (the most significant changes have affected Anivia). A full list of updates will appear on the official website on January 22 at 22:00 Moscow time.

The economic model of the game and all its aspects have also undergone significant changes – from the relative cost of coins to experience points awarded for victories.

Talking more about ranked games, Riot Games noted that the open beta testing period will correspond to the first ranking season.. In the future, the season will last two months, and between the releases of the new card sets two seasons will take place.

MBT will only be available on PC. A version for mobile platforms will appear later in 2023. Then support for cross-platform game will work.

The full version of Legends of Runeterra should also be released in 2023, but there are no exact dates yet.

There will be no Russian language at the beta stage, however it will definitely appear in the full version.

The creators are going to update the game every month (adjustment of balance and design, the introduction of new elements).

What else to expect in the future:

  • New sets (each set contains one region, new types of cards and new champions for existing regions). By the end of 2023, they plan to triple the number of cards.
  • After the release of the full version of the game, the deck designer will be updated.
  • Further interface improvements.

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