Resident Evil: Village will offer multiple modes of operation on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Game director Resident Evil: Village Morimasa Sato confirmed in the new Official PlayStation Magazine that on consoles of the new generation, the horror will offer several modes of operation, as a re-release Devil may cry 5… The developer did not give details, but, apparently, players will be able to choose between the best graphics and maximum performance.

“The game has settings that will allow each user to choose the optimization according to their preferences.”

Sato also noted that Resident Evil: Village takes full advantage of the powerful hardware. Playstation 5 to create a realistic atmosphere of horror, however the owners PS4 shouldn’t feel left out as the game has also been optimized for older consoles

“There are a lot of outdoor scenes in the game, and in the past it has been challenging to make those areas beautiful while maintaining the performance, but the PS5 has made it easier. There is more room for expression.”

Resident Evil: Village will be released 7th May… Next week, 16th AprilCapcom will be holding a new presentation of the game and is expected to release a new demo.

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