Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days offers to play for the famous gang of colorful bandits who never called each other’s real names – only Mr. Pink, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown, Mr. White, and so on.

Pink and brown, clear, nicknames do not like, but there is nothing – all have become accustomed. Externally, they are only vaguely similar to cine actors – despite the presence of Lionsgate in the credits, developers could not get the appropriate rights.

For the same reason, the film’s plot in this game, as opposed to the shooter of 2006, Reservoir DogsNot repeated directly. Yes, it really did not. We deal with our criminals that are best able – under the guidance of boss Dzho Kebbota travel to different places to rob, kill, and then kill and rob.

On the global map are gradually opening up new locations: offices, banks, jewelry stores, warehouses, hotels, and even a pig farm, where everything repeats itself – go, assess the situation and after a couple of phrases in the company concise, ironic style ( “Shut up and come on now get out of here.! ») begin the robbery.

During clean out boxes, drawers, pockets of civilians and shoot from all sides Pruszcz with police.

Cops are always much more, they surround and clamp, and the output of the establishments where our heroes have to make their way to the extraction point and get into the car, as a rule, they are always waiting for dozens of police cars with flashing lights. Accordingly, everything goes very rapidly, blood and furiously – as it should be in the game for this film.

The levels are filled quickly krovischey, with civilians are constantly running around and screaming, inadvertently substituting for our bullets.

“Each dog – a stick and a bone!”

For each kill innocent fined, as well as for repeated attempts to pass the level, but ultimately earned money for the execution of the mission is still enough to unlock the next deal and buy new weapons, which gradually becomes available as our successes.

Then this “trunk” can be selected to equip “dogs” to the next task. And take with you on the matter, as a rule, allowed only two or three mysteries.

The game is translated into Russian, but our heroes are not too wordy.

All the “dogs” are distinguished by several characteristics – speed, vitality and agility. Mr. Brown, for example, healthier Mr. Rose, but he is much faster. Plus everyone has a passive skill: the same Brown free transfer large “gun” and the money bags of all sizes,

Pink gets 15% more money each time a raid, and, for example, experienced, visited not one wrangle Mr. Blue faster than the others recover health.

Time forward … and back!

But all is not as important as the ability to competently use the system to rewind time, which, in Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is the basis of all the tactical mechanics. The bottom line is that initially we only manage the group’s leader, who came to the case – for example, as Mr. Brown.

You can try to shoot all of his roles, and get to the door, but then still have to rewind time and switch to some of Mr. White or pink, and bring them to the same door – to go further, you need to collect at the point of transition of all charges.

If Brown was killed during those seconds when you operate it while automatically rewind and prompts you to take control of the next character to try to save the leader.

The latter will repeat all the actions that you have committed, and his partner removed as much seconds, how much control session lasted for the first character. Do not have time for this time to prevent the death of the leader, well, or that Mr. kill too – everything “geymover”.

At first, in all of this is not so easy to understand – it seems illogical that the system, rather stupid and idle. But then, when you get used to, this mechanism is disclosed in full and allows quite nicely, tactically withdraw from any scrapes.

You start already and he is forced to rewind time and then switching between different “dogs”, correctly placing them and covering each other, because you already know, will run from the cops, when and who has raked pate orange. The result is to act almost simultaneously, and for the implementation of such joint attacks on the basis of our mission rewards.