That place – the main driving force in the protagonist Redeemer . In the story of the game simple Russian mercenary Basil falls in a plane crash in the mountains far from civilization, where he would have met his death, not podospey to help local Buddhist monks.

Having a course of rehabilitation, mercenary decided to leave behind the bloody life and devote themselves to the practice of appeasement in the walls of the temple, which he gladly accepted.

In the spirit of the local traditions Bob donned the robe, he shaved his skull and had grown a graying beard. And everything is good, but the goods of the old sins does not want to fall down from the shoulders of the newly created monk.

Game screen pass into a kind of depiction of komiksoidnoyGame screen pass into a kind of depiction of komiksoidnoy

The thousandth morning Vaskina serenity of the temple is attacked by unknown soldiers, clearly came for his soul. Cutting out most of the monastic community and arranged in the walls of the sacred places of memorable mayhem, they still are the main character.

And the game immediately throws us into the thick of battle. There is no dismemberment, but blood and savory sounds of breaking bones is enough. Cruelty is not so much to become a visiting card of the product, but not so small that the rating of the game turned out to be quite childish.

Basil – a master of martial arts, and most of the time he will brandish it and kicked in various combinations. Former mercenary puts the blocks, can make rolls, combo attacks, and instantly kill from the back of unsuspecting opponents.

Periodically, it is possible to pick up the corpse of the enemy weapons, but local clubs, axes and other delights of the contact arms are broken very quickly.

Of firearms, however, the good is not very much. Much easier and more enjoyable to grab vrazhin and lowered his head in a burning brazier, or, say, to impose sharp blades on a tree branch.

Battle dynamics are beyond praiseBattle dynamics are beyond praise

As you progress through the game the enemies become more and they – more diverse. And diversity is not for effect: for example, “heavy” fighter can grab Basil zalomat back and his arms, while his more clever friends will beat the poor fellow. Melee discreetly cover their bodies long-range units. In general, co-operate, as they can.

The game is not very demanding on hardware, although it gives a pretty decent picture. Of course, you can always find flaws in the chart, if you stop and start to take a closer look to each element of the environment.

But Redeemer did not need to stop. Movement and incessant fights – this is the basis of the game. And the soundtrack is like pushing for action. Quality music and rich sounds – all you need to give the fighter a great atmosphere.

The enemies here are mainly represented by such dressed in armored suits thugsThe enemies here are mainly represented by such dressed in armored suits thugs

Redeemer can be recommended to all fans of the genre Beat em the Up .

There is no need to think of “builds” pumping or solve complex moral issues, there is no pink “snot” or requests for something innovative. Redeemer – is primarily tents battles in the spirit of the old school, where you can feel like a real action hero category “B” and break a couple of thousands of enemy skulls barehanded.

Have you already played in the Redeemer?