I loved ReCore the fifteenth hour of the game. Having literally five steps: admiration, doubt, hatred, despair, love. Three hours per step, without a smooth transition. Passion Mathematics. To understand in advance what kind of game you can look at the names of the developers. In all of them, so to speak, “duality.” That’s Keiji Inafune. In the past – the author of Mega Mena (excellent). This – the founder of Mighty number 9 (Please, no more).

Here are the gentlemen of the Armature Studio. In the past, the founders of the company worked on the series Metroid Prime (cool). This – “distinguished” the creation of Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (it is unclear why the development of video games then they are not prohibited Court of Human Rights).

What could turn these guys? Could – and got – a great game, which is great to prevent two things: the technical side and, to a greater extent – the philosophy of game design, which in this generation look as “modern” as the music in the disco at the trendy nightclub. I note the conditional interference.

For technical problems, from which vzvoyut owners XOne, PC owners, according to rumors, is not encountered. And old-fashioned does not make the game worse, but narrows the audience to “disco fans” – that is, those who appreciate the old school game design.

Review of ReCore
World – the gift that the desert – sometimes even beautiful.

In other words for those who love games game – not the tower, seven hours cutscenes, the QTE, choice of two identical replicas options 4K120fpssheyderymasterrace, “and all vozrvalo-of-axis” pivchik under koopchik, dirt, stain-wheels -mamochki-my plot, understandable even mentally retarded chicken with penetrating brain injury – and all the things for which there is today accepted with great pomp put dozens.

Step 1: Admiration

Initially ReCore quality nice surprise. The Western press has already dubbed it “the return of AA” – implying that the game occupies a niche between high-grade-AAA blockbusters and indie experiments. Nicknamed the fair: the high cost of off-scale not seen as flashy cheapness – looks nice, controlled conveniently, sounds good.

At a basic level, this 3D-platformer with a fair amount of third-person shooter and a pinch elements “metroidvanii”.

The main character – a colonist, among others arrived to learn more or less suitable to the life of the planet after Earth became unfit for habitation. In the new house, she was far from being one of the first, and waking up from suspended animation, I found that the colony is actually dead: people not to link nobody out, buildings in ruins and wandering around out-of-control aggressive robots.

Questions from the young lady much. Answers have to look for learning “semi-open world” (a few medium-sized areas, connected by loading screens), firing evil robots, collecting the good robots and use their ability to solve spatial puzzles. A basic set of seemingly simple but surprising approach.

Review of ReCore
Sometimes the number of bright lights on the screen begins to seem as if playing in a Christmas tree.

First, research the locations it takes place freely, not on the marked by designers marked in yellow or red special pristupochkam, steps and prudently left here and there, the boxes with wheels. In the arsenal of the heroine, in addition to capacity-improvised robots have the ability to make a leap forward and to do a double jump – it seems not too much. But every location, every detail of the landscape, their sequence, the distance between them – all built so that the right using two simple mechanics, you can get almost anywhere. In other words – the modern crawling on the ledges is: “look, saw the color of the route designation, climbed upstairs; I did not see – you can not climb. ” In ReCore it: “Look, think, try”.

Second, the active exchange of fire without the slightest hint of hide and seek for shelter. Running, spinning, jump, dodge. Battles also use a few mechanic – a weak place, powerful single shot “Removing core” (after a little mini-games with a “tug of war” allows you to finish off weakened or even kill healthy opponent with a single blow, getting some more experience points – or rather, their local analog).

Plus switching between three “flowers rifles” by the same enemy colors.

When viewed superficially, tactical scope is small, but it saves the high dynamics. The first time it is enough to not get bored in the frequent battles.

This approach to platforming and shooting active, of course, not new. However, quite well forgotten to enthusiastically spend the first hours of the game.