Kirby: Planet Robobot

«They were cyborgs. They filled the entire planet … “- this phrase Aleksandra Revvy could open a fresh story pink ball named Kirby. Because Kirby: Planet Robobot a magical planet Popstar attacked robots and began to replace its natural environment of trees and small animals in the mechanical, with factories and computers.

Kirby: Planet Robobot game review

Permanent opponent Kirby – living tree, too, turned into a robot.

Find ten differences

Local King Dedede, he is a giant penguin stolen, the owner of the only spacecraft Metarytsar could not cope with a huge battle Crab-like robot. Named in honor of the hero of the cleaner remains the only one who can save the day. So begins a new platformer studio the HAL Laboratory , which became exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS.

Although called a completely new game is very difficult. Too much got it inherited from Triple Deluxe– the last part. The character models, animation and music, shooting guns for prizes – all this reminds release two years ago. If you missed it or did not know about Kirby will remember.

The classic side view then combined with three-dimensional graphics and the constant presence of the second “layer” in the depth of the scenery, where the pink hero moves from time to time.

The character is able to suck up enemies and receive their ability, and even flies. To promote the need to collect special items – there is a cyber cubes, opening the door to the “boss” level.

Bright palette and general good humor, even the nastiest monsters obviously hinting that Japanese developers are working for the little ones. Maybe that’s why the levels are slightly linear and easier than ever before, and puzzles and all are designed for preschoolers.

It seems that the children was difficult to control the gyro in the Triple Deluxe , and now it is hardly ever used.

But here the scenery is very good depth activated. Particularly successful in places where it is necessary to lead a remote-controlled robot, coordinating the two heroes. Kirby: Planet Robobot felt better with the included stereoscopic mode – it’s not for show.

Nature and technology

general, to the technical side of the game HAL LaboratoryHe approached thoroughly. By the standards of poor console everything looks very good and works almost without sagging frame rate.

To even better reveal the three-dimensional depth in some places added to the camera angle of the scene of action.

The special effects of the last zones have to hit their kids colorful, and adults – to recall the classic ending of “Space Odyssey 2001”.

Kirby: Planet Robobot game review

Colorful explosions look great in volume. Even a pity that children under seven years of 3D undesirable.

The musical accompaniment also received space motifs. Kirby energetic main theme is very simple and well remembered. Disturbing or scary sounds that can scare children, there is simply no.

To something and the game can teach the kids (unfortunately, only those who know English, but he is here is simple – at the level of first and second class). Namely – the love of nature. Toward the end of Planet Robobot gets kind of plot development.

The theme of struggle of good nature with the bad robots funny looks in the video game, but it is better when children’s story has a moral, than when it is not.

miracles mechanization

Since fight fire with fire in the battle with the robots Kirby will receive his own fur – the very Robobota. He climbed into it, teddy fighter for good will not only break the small enemies pood fists, but also to move and destroy specified elements of the environment.

The robot, as our hero is able to receive the enemy skills, which are mainly used for finding cube and solving puzzles.

However, sometimes the opponents will make the robot in a car or plane. Stages in the air and on wheels – a real change of the genre; I am sorry that many of them. In general, large object – a great addition, a built-in basic gameplay with skill and ingenuity.

Interesting and new methods, which can be obtained by swallowing enemies. Poisonous, and the telepathic Medical Kirby became my constant favorites. As in previous guises, they have several types of attacks, that allows you to not miss, beating “cannon fodder”.

And, of course, on the way to meet many “bosses”, and in the case of each of them some kind of appearance will lead to an easy victory, but some make nervous. However, the game, mind you, is very simple.

Kirby: Planet Robobot game review

Robobot easily crush those who beat out the hero from the screen with a single blow.

Complexity is a “gathering” and the search zakoulochkam. Who would want to find all the cubes to pootkryvali additional levels. Someone will need to find hundreds of stickers from the series characters to decorate their robot.

And someone will look for hidden rooms on the stage to show off their social network Miiverse. Without search “buns» Planet Robobot takes five to six hours. Little? Just right for kids who are not so easy for a long time to hold the attention.