Ladders lead to death of companions in The Outer Worlds – review

Company Obsidian released patch 1.2 to role play The outer worlds. It adds a number of settings and corrects several dozen game errors. In particular, the problem with the “dead” partners.

After the release of The Outer Worlds, a number of players encountered a problem: their partner’s personal quests were reported as failed due to the death of a companion. Undoubtedly, this was a mistake: after all, the hero’s companions can’t die at any level of difficulty, minus SuperNova.

The problem turned out to be so non-trivial, and it took so long to find it, that the leading Obsidian tester Taylor Swap described the entire course of the “fix” in a number of tweets.

Trying to understand why the game considers one of the partners dead, the developers found out that in most cases the comrades died from falling from a height on the hero’s ship, that is, where it is simply impossible to somehow suffer from a fall.

The answer was found in the furniture system, “decor”. She describes all the interactions of the NPC with furniture and other surroundings. And it forbade partners to commit such actions during the dialogue.

However, in the case of staircases, the NPC had two options for the “situation”: to climb and start to climb, and then stop to climb and get down. What happened to the unfortunate companions can be seen in the video.

The partner begins to climb the stairs, at this moment the hero enters into a dialogue. Now the NPC is banned from stopping, and it continues to climb into deep space. As soon as the dialogue stops, the ally climbs down the stairs … and falls from a great height.

The developers returned to partners the opportunity to interact with objects during dialogs and even repaired all the “affected” save.