Rebel Galaxy

You choose yourself! 

Rebel Galaxy greets you beautiful graphics, cheerful music, interspersed with blues and good old rock and a general sense of some kind of solidity, quality – immediately clear what made the game is not new to the industry.

Perhaps that is why, because of its wealth of experience, they do not have to reinvent the wheel and take impossibly revolutionary tasks, promising to turn the genre and give a completely new experience. No, Rebel Galaxy just offers a whole set of standard entertainment.

We begin, as usual, in the role of the little-known pilot, who was in a fragile spaceship on the edge of the inhabited galaxy. In the story he has to somehow get out of here and find out along the way, what happened to the native aunt – and it will have to fulfill the orders of those who knew cousin and led to her case.

However, no one bothers to escape from the scene, to fly to the nearest station, go to the bar to find out the latest rumors and news, and buy any of the goods on the cheap at a local store, then to somewhere profitable to sell it. Or take on the numerous missions. It is clear that all of them are standard: to kill in order to save it, to take the goods back to pick another there. But a lot of them, all is well rewarded and affect the relationship with different factions. The latter is especially important, because the game is largely based on the fact that someone is a friend or even an alliance, and someone – on the contrary.

In addition, you can easily explore a large and open space, moving between systems, to get money for the discovery of some asteroid or garbage fields, extract minerals, to hunt for pirates or to take orders from them, to terrorize the local law enforcement agencies and rob caravans. Distress signals are constantly coming and you are free to fly past or to come to the aid of the merchant, to drive off the attackers, communicate with them, it is advantageous that something had to buy or sell, offer to help. And can themselves call out: “Life or purse” Especially if his pre-scanned and to assess the potential “catch.”

Rebel Galaxy game review

All conversations are animated here – also a sign of quality!

Maritime space combat

But role-playing system, which allows to “pump” the pilot’s skills in Rebel Galaxy not. And it is certainly surprising to people who have made Torchlight and Diablo 2 . Surprisingly, but it is not critical.

The development is built on buying new weapons, different parts and even new ships. And that is enough to motivate you to further augmenting prohibitively acquired capital. The benefit to put it is where: different weapons and turrets, engines, boosters, repair bots, crawlers and even more annihilators particle …

By the way, about the weapon. The combat system – this is perhaps the only truly original in a game (in addition to the class, cheerful rock that accompanies your space odyssey).

Battles in Rebel Galaxy built on the principle of sea battle: you will not shoot in front of him, and are turning broadside to the enemy, carefully taking aim and gives the broadside. At the same time, your turret automatically fire at flying by opponents. However, you can always switch to them, and to participate personally in outer dash.

Often have to fight the way aid mercenary, whose services can be purchased at the bar at the station for a more or less round sum (depending on the skills of “soldier of fortune”).

And you are free to set the tactics of behavior partner – for this is a special menu. As a result, the battle really pleased – if only for the fact that there is no need to spin on its axis, trying to catch sight of the Aquatic enemy.

Rebel Galaxy game review

“Anchor by” we, of course, in the automatic mode.



Yes, the authors Rebel Galaxy did not reinvent the wheel. And did not want to attach to it some advanced details: there is no Y axis, that is, you can not move up and down, you can not build factories, in the X3: Reunion , it is not necessary to transfer energy between the various ship’s systems, and the management is extremely simple.