Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition

Dreams of gold, Rayman
To refresh our memory, let’s go back to Rayman Legends’s narrative premise. Rayman, Gloobox and the Teensies are awakened by Murfy after having slept for a whole century.
The strange creature has bad news: the Magician, surviving the events of Rayman Origins , was divided into five dark Teensies, and abducted the good Teensies; not only, but evil creatures are now free in Rayman’s land, sowing panic and destruction. So it’s up to our heroes to go to the Teensies’ rescue and once again release the world from the threat of evil. The story fits perfectly with the fairy tale of Rayman Legends, and the return of Murfy, a character in Rayman 2: The Great Escape, is definitely a welcome tribute to all the longtime fans of the series.
Speaking of the visual aspect, the game has not lost even one gram of its charm and charisma: thanks to the peculiar style of UbiArt, Rayman Legends remains a spectacle for the eyes, giving the impression of being in front of a real and own fairy tale in motion. 
Compared to the Wii U version, no major advances have been made: Truthfully, this Definitive Edition remembers the original version very closely, although there are some improvements in resolution.
Fortunately, the Rayman Legends graphic styleallows him not to feel the weight of the years, but who expected significant improvements over the Wii U version will not find here what he is looking for. Unchanged is also the soundtrack, obviously, to which we now applaud now as four years ago: the many orchestral tracks that will accompany us in our adventure will evolve with us, with our actions, and will be unforgettable even once they have finished the game.
Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition, review of Rayman's arrival on Switch
Rayman’s legend
Rayman Legends is a two-size platform, where our goal will be to reach the end of the many levels offered by the game. They are linked by a picturesque hub, in which each world and level will be represented by a painting. Layers, as by tradition, are based on the abilities of our protagonist: Rayman can pull fists, jump, plan, climb, and so on. All his skills will be required to complete each level, whose difficulty progressively increases during the game.
So far nothing to complain about: Ubisoft’s design level design is a real fun guarantee, which never ceases thanks to the variety of settings and situations presented by the game. The peculiarity of Rayman Legends, at the time of his announcement on Wii U, was Murfy: in addition to being a character in history, Murfy appeared to facilitate Rayman’s passage in certain situations, such as lowering levers or cutting ropes. On Wii U, all this was handled through the touch screen; Clearly, this was not replicable on other consoles, so Ubisoft decided to entrust Murfy at the touch of a button. And so it is also on switch, at least in dock mode; in handheld mode, instead, we can use Murfy via the touch screen just like it did on Wii U.
The true challenge of the levels, however, is not simply their completion, but by the multitude of secrets they hide. Between Teensies to be released and Lums to collect the duration of the game increases exponentially, as their collection is much more complex than it may seem, especially in the most advanced stages. As if that were not enough, developers also included the ability to unlock forty levels from  Rayman Origins: unfortunately, however, they can only be unlocked through a kind of “scratch and win”. They will give us the chance to receive several prizes, but the fact that these levels can only be unlocked through fortune makes their search in the long run rather tedious.
In the game we will have the ability to use different characters and unlock many skins for them: a little gem that makes even more fun and customizable experience. It is possible to play cooperative: up to three friends can join our adventure, even if in four the game is likely to become too confusing. You can use a single JoyCon to play, so you do not need another controller to play with a companion.
Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition, review of Rayman's arrival on Switch