Rare video: Prototype-based Spider-Man 4 Xbox 360 gameplay leaked online


Channel Obscure Games published a rare gameplay demo of the canceled game based on the also canceled movie “Spiderman 4“.

Activision developed a project in the second half of the 2000s for the premiere of a new tape from Sam Raimi, but at the beginning of 2010 the film was closed, and the game was put under the knife after that.

The video posted shows the 2009 Spider-Man 4 prototype for the Xbox 360 from Radical EntertainmentUsing many of the assets and mechanics of the then released studio game Prototype… The video shows the flights of Spider-Man in Manhattan, as well as a battle with an enemy helicopter.

Previously, the gameplay of “Spider-Man 4” for the Wii was leaked to the network, but that version was made by a different studio and on a different engine.

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