Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Health

In the meantime, the connotation of “agents against terrorists”, which, albeit uninformed, is to be brought back to the will of not humanizing the terrorists at a time when, in real life, there was already excessive exposure of this type. But flying over why two agents of the same body had to shoot each other, R6 Siege’s problems at launch were a lot more, and all of them more or less technical.

Operators at the beginning were suffering from big balancing problems, where some were (and are still today) virtually compulsory in every match like Thermite or Thatcher, while others have always struggled to find space within team dynamics . In this regard, recently the sniper Glaz has been modified due to its ineffectiveness, but coming to the opposite result thanks to its new thermal finder, which has been anxious for all players in the last few months.

The most serious problems, however, came from the netcode and the matchmaking system. For several months after the launch (I could even venture a full year), just play Rainbow Six Siegewas an epic waiting between tens and tens of minutes (62 minutes one time record), and a matchmaking that flipped players very often without counting the level of play, creating inevitably unbalanced matches.

The fall and the return So the game went on, losing players and slowly disappearing from the scenes, but to Ubisoft it should be noted that its development teams never drop the shot, we saw it with The Division and For Honor more recently. The result of the hard work of the study is that at the beginning of 2017 Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Health

has literally found a new life: new players, gaming balances, renewal of the interface (tragic, up to that point), the BattlEye system which effectively extradites the cheaters at the first transgression, a greatly improved matchmaking and finally a worthy netcode of this name, as well as initiatives such as free weekends, strong discounts and economic issues of the game.

There are still many bugs and glitches as will often be the players who often use Montagne, which are hit by powerful blows despite the shield, but not enough to stop the 13 million registered users last February, with peaks of 4-5 million of players a day on some days of the week.

At present, however, there is still much to do. In addition to the already mentioned glitches (which are not few and often spoil the matches), the matchmaking is currently limping, although it is far light years from the disaster of the early months.

In particular, there are often problems creating lobby with friends, an unpleasant event that I can personally witness, sometimes for more or less resolved NAT issues, sometimes for incomprehensible events that force you to wait hoping for divine providence of Ubisoft technicians .

In addition, the start time of the classified games has expanded considerably, and the system of assignment of companions and opponents has returned to doing the hockey as early as, alongside and colliding novices and players too expert. For this,

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Health

Operations Health
A bit like an injection of GIGN’s Doc operator, Ubisoft intends to use the summer to revitalize on Rainbow Six Siege , hoping to arrive in August / September with a game that is finally out of trouble and ready to go face the new season at full speed.

The full program of interventions that Ubisoft will play on the game will be released May 21, at the Pro League finals in a dedicated panel, but we already know what will happen in the big line.The operation takes place around three fundamental pillars: the speed and reliability of matchmaking; peer to peer removal, with management through dedicated servers, which will also handle all other online features such as voice chat and party system; upgrading the servers themselves, to ensure more speed and reliability. The mono-phase matchmaking will be first implemented on the technical test server, then on PC, and finally on consoles when everything is working perfectly.

That being said, Ubisoft has decided to slip the Hong Kong operators out, as we said. Season 2 of the second year, in fact, no longer exists, so the aforementioned characters will leave in August as an integral part of Season 3, while South Korea’s players will arrive in November with season 4. Polish operators, now orphaned a dedicated season, will be split between Season 3 and 4. Also will miss a map of the appeal against the three new predictions, always to give priority to the optimization work on the game. Shown in September