Raid: World War II, the review of Nazi robbers

Nazi gold
If in the title made by Overkill we were busy robing banks, in Raid World War II the goal of the four protagonists, former prisoners of war, will be to defeat the Nazis in all possible ways including, in particular, stealing their gold.
The premise of a sequel to the payday sagaWorld War II theme was definitely good and for this it attracted the attention of many fans; unfortunately today there seems to be a reskin of the second chapter, but inferior in all respects.
But we’ll go with the order, beginning to say that the problems start from the very first menus: we tried the Playstation 4 version of the title, and if for many menus to confirm their input just the classic X in others, without notice and without directions screen, the confirmation button suddenly changed to the Circle, leaving us confused for a few minutes before we could figure out that the key was changed; in others, to navigate between the different options you will need to use both analogs and the D-Pad, all for different functionality and, again, without any indication of how to proceed. We do not doubt that PCs are definitely more intuitive, but as regards console versions they leave a bad first impression.
Raid: World War II, the review of Nazi robbers
A tough fight, but somebody has to do it
We close this bracket by entering the true gameplay of choice, where we can choose from 4 different classes: Assault (specialized in assault rifles), Recon (the sniper), Insurgent and Demolitions (indicated for the ” use of rifles and grenades); we will be able to choose the character that most loves by simply selecting his nationality, allowing us to choose the protagonist and the favorite weapon set without any problems. In the beginning, the equipment at our disposal will be very limited, and to be able to unlock new weapons and powerups you will need to go up the level by completing the missions.

Grinding takes on a fundamental component in this title: it will in fact be necessary in order to unlock every single variant to repeat the same missions with all possible classes, since each one has its own bar of experience; given that missions are certainly not numerous, it will certainly not be a fun job, not helped by the fact that, as per Payday , it is highly advised not to play in single player because the artificial intelligence that will accompany us in case of incomplete party is incredibly stupid, only useful to bring us back to life since it is immortal. It is indispensable to have a group of friends to play with in co-operative, although we must point out that during our tests the game has crashed on more than one occasion, proving also not yet optimized and frustrating.

Raid: World War II, the review of Nazi robbers
We are the drastic measures
RAID: World War IIuses the Diesel engine 2.0; this engine, which has already been considered to be inadequate at this time, may even look worse within this title: not only is the technical sector not quite up to the times, often showing a playstation 2 graphics but even shows a number of framerate drops, particularly accentuated during online games.
The gambling experience completes the various physical problems encountered as soldiers who can turn 360-degree fixed weapons, even firing the bullets through their own body, which is still immobile (an incredible ability that, for some reason , they can only exploit the Nazis), wandering enemies that literally rain from the sky or who literally respawn in front of us. Even stealth missions are not particularly convincing, giving you the impression that you have to play hide-and-seek more than having to do missionary missions and “War Cry”, exclusive class skills (how to deal less damage or inflict more) and an attempt to play to take on their own identity, they can not really make the difference often and unwittingly negligible.
With the right attention, a nice game could come out; the weapons (when used by us) are the right mix between arcade and simulation, requiring special attention to shoot properly, cutscenes are fun and good billing, and characters dialogs are fun to listen to, especially when we’re in a bad situation .