“PS5 is incredibly quiet”: Japanese media revealed new information about the Sony console and showed it from all sides

Preview event recently held in Tokyo Sony, where Japanese journalists and bloggers were first given a live look at Playstation 5 and test it in some games in the starter line. There are almost no new details about the console from the event. The journalists mostly shared their impressions of the gameplay, but still managed to find out something.

In particular, portals 4Gamer and Dengeki noted in their submissions that the console was very quiet… In almost an hour and a half practice test, the PlayStation 5 Godfall and Astro’s Playroom the prefix was practically inaudible, and this despite the fact that the room temperature was quite high, about 30 degrees. The console itself was not very hot – the air flows coming out of the console were weak and not hot.

About DualSense from the new it turned out that the backlight on the sides of the touchpad glows in four colors: blue, green, red and purple… They allow you to visually identify the gamepad when several are connected to the console. In addition, underneath the touchpad, there are additional white spot LEDs that light up from one to four depending on the number of players.

Photo of the console and gamepad from all sides:

PlayStation 5 live on video:

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