Project Cars 2


CARS by Project – pretty hardcore simulation racing fans created for racing fans. In general, a fairly niche story, and between him and the ease of development of arcade the NFS , of The Crew and Forza Horizon gaping chasm of selection pressure in the tires, opening angle flap and counting the number of millimeters fell to the pavement for 15 minutes before the start of precipitation of the race.

But at first glance it is clear that the second part of one of the flagship Racing game is designed, if not to cement the ravine, then at least to throw through the cable track to the most daring casuals were able to try a new product Slightly Mad Studios , not bogged down in unfriendly UI.

Project Cars 2 - best AVTOS year?Project Cars 2 – best AVTOS year?

What the game has become easier?

Developers Project CARS 2 did everything possible to lower the barrier to entry for newcomers and to simplify navigation through the game menu in general. Many interface drives the first part of the discouraged and frightened people, not much versed in all the intricacies of racing.

Now start “quick race” in any of the presented classes a few clicks will be able to even a novice: the game will automatically sort the cars and tracks as belonging to a particular regime, that there was no need to wander through the submenus and adjust it manually (although, of course, and such a possibility).

Customize the difficulty level has also undergone changes: now you can choose a skill AI opponents and their aggressiveness separately, and it is presented in the form of two visual sliders.

Those who played in the first part, remember that sometimes the AI ​​was unnecessarily aggressive and violent, always following the path laid down and not looking undercutting cornering. Now, all those who are not ready for such fierce competition, can reduce the pressure of the virtual drivers and safely sharpen your skill (or just feel like winners in life).


Project Cars 2 - best AVTOS year?Project Cars 2 – best AVTOS year?

Project CARS 2 – still game, meticulously-designed fans of the business, but now ravnointeresna both avid riders, and for ordinary gamers, especially if you get the wheel on the similarity of the Logitech G29 .

What aspects have improved significantly?

Weather conditions – another important component of modern autosimulator, because, as in life, the key condition of the route determines the preparation and strategy for the race.

How to make a solid suspension, which the tire selection process and how to behave on the track – now take care of these things is even more important. Weather and track conditions during the race can change very quickly, and runs half can be wet, while on the other pools have dried up.

And for the convenience of those most kazualov appeared virtual assistant mechanic who will help each player setting up all these characteristics. Just pass the test circle, lock their feelings and tell him at the pit stop,

“Boy, do I enter into the turns bad, and accelerates like a hard, ‘and immediately he will return a list of possible actions, to be taken to eliminate these errors. This is very useful if you do not have sufficient knowledge or banal desire to climb on all screens tuning itself.

Project Cars 2 - best AVTOS year?Project Cars 2 – best AVTOS year?

Help in the management of your vehicle is quite variable one: You can set as an aid in steering and braking, as well as auto-lock brakes and stability control.

Or simply choose the “authentic” mode, which will decide which system can help and is optimal at this specific car. Of course, you can turn off all the assists, but it is worth doing only the most experienced fans by Project CARS .

What you need to know the beginner?

Even untrained driver – like me – will immediately notice that each car class feeling completely different, and in career mode to ignore warm-up and skill is definitely not worth it: even on the same machine, you can get a completely different Experience, if different warmed the tires or change the settings of the car, not to mention the difference in sensation from the steering.

In each new class has to learn to drive is almost over, but it does not turn into a routine, and, on the other hand, eliminates the feeling repetativnosti as in the old racing games, where one learns the mechanics and win every match.

And if I just look like?

As part of the graphics is still better: you get on medium-high settings juicy, but the photorealistic image. On my PC FPS issued 60 stably, while I can not say that the components of the most popular: i7 processor 6700, 8 GB of RAM and a graphics card GTX 1060. In addition, there is a rich photo mode and video replay mode, when you view that you feel on broadcast of the race circuits.


Separately want to note the atmospheric saunddizayn. And it’s not just about the unique roar of the engines and the screech of tires, but also absolutely all the sound design of the game: touching ambient menu, voice controllers and mechanics and even audiovstavki of chronicles, although in this build a little. In general, imbued with the spirit of motorsport from the first menu.

As far as the game is rich in content?

As for content, the preview version I tested it, it was more than 50 tracks, 21 cars of different class and 9 preset quick game on the go-karts and Indy to rally and GT.

And in no other avtosimov you will not feel such a thorough and elaborate realistic behavior of each specific vehicle to a particular coating, and where else can you ride on the Sarthe Le Mans, known for his twenty-four race, actually watching day and night?

By the way, the game officially supports a number of different accessories, and the pleasure you get is not dependent on the type of equipment as the controller front of the monitor and on the steering wheel with the VR-helmet. Although, in the second option, of course, the dive will be much deeper.

Project Cars 2 - best AVTOS year?Project Cars 2 – best AVTOS year?

In general, I like not the most experienced race driver, by Project CARS 2 captivated and angered in sports, motivate so much that I was not lazy in several hours to replay the race, in order to at least reach the finish line. Kaif – both from the battle with the boss in Dark Souls , by golly!

Project CARS 2 is designed not only for people who spend half their lives under the hood of your car, it is worth trying all fans of motorsports, as well as gamers who are interested to feel what it’s like to sit behind the wheel of a racing car.