Big city life, me try forget by

… First you need to choose the city in which we live and strive for glory. And among the real capitals, and among them will be Moscow.

By creating a profile with your name and then select the face of the hero or heroine, we find ourselves in a virtual metropolis. He is not composed of squares and streets, and the tables, and icons. Locals lead us in the business, offering a course assignment, is drawn into the gameplay.

Get a job, go to the “rocking chair”, beaten with the bandits in the gateway, to be bought at the mall … Everything in life! Balance VirCities also life – is based on energy, health, and money, and their proper use.

Money comes to work, performing tasks, and later – for business or work as a doctor or trainer. The energy spent on any activity, from the gym, enhancing combat indicators, to catch fish, which you can then sell. Restored it on their own, over time. This process can be accelerated using a meal or, you guessed it, the currency premium (read: “donation”). Finally, the need for health battles.

World VirCities cruel, it is inhabited by computer-controlled gangs, and with real people and neighboring cities can face off. Influence in a battle no matter what you can not, it all depends on how you are “pumped” figures as a hero and equipped.

All this is quite standard social system diluted economy. Becoming a coach, you assign a competitive price of its services by opening an office, engage employees nice salary, shareholders – good dividends. To enter politics and join the party, you can get to the city mayor and manage the system already globally by controlling the level of taxes, research and parts.

However, success is possible, and as the owner of the plants and newspapers heralded expensive apartment luxury furniture. Indeed, as in any of The Sims , there is a property that affects the prestige.

VirCities game review

New social opportunities open upon receipt of levels.

City for nostalgic

In theory the system is logical and most appropriate for short sessions in transport. It is clear that the interest is highly dependent on the interaction of gamers.

But they can confuse the simplicity of design. There are no “beautiful” – is only the menu with simple icons and text, the beta version is not even music. If we return to the beginning of two thousandth, during the popular “Fight Club.” Persons older than twenty-five may have a certain nostalgic urge.

The only explanation, except for the budget, may lie in the fact that VirCities run even on very old and weak devices with single-core processors (in the case of Android) and iOS 6 (in “apple” version).

The interface is organized is not always logical – sometimes to get to the desired item, it takes a few extra clicks. But everything works flawlessly, quickly, and translated into Russian qualitatively (in English only were individual notification). Of course, you will need a stable Internet connection, but this is the norm for games with real people.

To advance the social level real monetary investment is required. Just have to switch attention to some specific tasks, which will empower you to come.

The individual elements are not too interconnected – for example, the work is almost not needed (there turned out unrealistic, yes, and for the better), so you are offered daily tasks that need to do a bit of everything. In this sense, the action resembles a browser eRepublik – for the slow progress enough for 20 minutes a day, the interest is not lost.

VirCities game review

Start their own business – the best way to get rich. But save it should be pretty.



VirCities worth praise not only for what has been done (and the project is at an early stage of development), but for the capture of vector. There’s a set of potentially interesting mechanic, and he has more or less like an adult players, tired of the natives, castles, farms and other “razvlekalochek” with tinsel. But all this will be possible to develop and popularize, will depend on the further development efforts, including the recruitment and retention of members.