ASRock declassified the specifications of the card RX 5600 XT Challanger D OC – review

ASRock introduced non-reference video card data Radeon RX 5600 XT 6GB Challenger OC. This model turned out to be quite curious, because it partially repeats the older model Radeon RX 5700. The data disseminated specialized resources, but the mention was quickly removed from the site itself.

In particular, it has the same number of stream processors – 2304. However, other accelerator indicators are slightly simplified. GPU frequencies are 1235 MHz (base), 1460 MHz (game mode) and 1620 MHz (overclocking). That is, the operating range turned out to be smaller than the other series accelerator Radeon RX 5000.

6 GB GDDR6 memory operates at 12 GHz. There is a 192-bit bus for communication with the processor. The throughput is 288 GB / s (the Radeon RX 5700 is 448 GB / s). At the same time, we note that the site mentions a certain “2nd Gen 7nm GPU”. A number of media have already reported that this could mean using a new chip. Navi.

However, most likely, this is a mistake or a marketing move. As for the release dates, the card is expected to be officially presented at the electronics exhibition CES 2023 at the beginning of January.