Project Cars 2

Gravel, Asphalt and Rallycross
First, we were given 5 minutes of free practice: at the start grid request only the undersigned and in front of the bonnet the asphalt with its curves to study and understand for the race to come.
In spite of the habit with the steering wheel, we did little to transfer the same control dynamics on the pad, considering the very short race that separated the mastery of the vehicle from an immediate traction loss, predictably set to a very
lightweight value. Even the aid setting came close to the simulation, given the anti-lock system present, but the almost total lack of braking or curb support, testimony to the direction it wants to impose Project Cars 2 , beyond the device used.
The machine reacted exuberantly and grimly: an excessive gas flow in the curve ended with the override of the vehicle and in some cases even in the headstock. The entry into the curve in the face of the correct speed has never betrayed us, to emphasize not only t
he goodness of the controls, but also the rendering of physics – just as we would expect it.
Project Cars 2
More difficult!
After five minutes and w
ith the confidence needed to tackle, as well as the roughness of the course, we have also gone through a classic race of opponents. Although the starting grid was crowded and our ranking was “last”, we managed to get a start to take the lead. Once the position was consolidated, despite some uncertainty on the route, we had easy life and the firs
t position was at hand. In the second race, however, some of the over-indulgence in the initial strike was fatal and thanks to the good aggressiveness of the opponents we have been in the bagarre for a long time. It was not pleasant though,
Changing cars and going to the Lankenbanen Rallycross circuit, we had to deal with a much more technical course than the previous one, always with the same sequence of races and races mentioned above. Aside from a continuous evolution of the weather, surely activated to show the goodness of the engine we will talk about and partly to be able to distract us, there have been the roughness of the ground marked by several slope changes to really give us the yarn to twist.
Project Cars 2
It’s about changing cars
A brief mention also of the Indie Car and GT3 categories we’ve tested on the Long Beach and Redbull Ring respectively first in single and then in the race respectively. The approach to managing the machine and then the pad was completely different: the vibration of the Xbox One controller has been able to return a feeling of proportionality to the Rallycross
car. In this way, we were pleased to note how much the physical engine is scalable and allows us to move consistently between far-off driving models, on antipode roads.
Project Cars 2
4K and dynamic weather, can you go?
Technically, this Rallycross-based build runs at 4K resolution on a high-end PC, although for reporting purposes we report that it does not kno
w the technical specifications. The detail, especially of the exterior, seemed to us remarkable, as well as the fluidity of the system, though unfortunately we have to bear witness to a marked aliasing which has weakened the graphic impact much. Great on the oth
er hand, the game HUD, punctual and equipped with all the information, while maintaining a good color approach for the glance.
Finally, let’s not forget the presence of a special engine for dynamic time management, which has enabled us in more than one occasion to comp
ete in the most diverse meteorological conditions, starting in the afternoon with the sun and ending the race at night with the stars.