Project CARS 2

Pilots become
The game comes from the beginning with a clear menu and every selection is explained to us, after the choice, from the voice of the guide, giving us some indication of the different possibilities offered by the title. On the first level there is the choice between career, fast racing and game options, with the latter falling into the tide of other technical and non-voices, showing a scalable gaming engine in detail. Once we chose the graphic detail and the help of the guide we went to Career Mode, whose first request was the creation of the virtual ego. Name, surname and nationality were sufficient to catapult us in the middle of the first competitions, divided into a very special grid. Each point is a series of races and each series is tied to a type of car. These are grouped by lines that identify the same category of competitions, Tourism, Gran Turismo, RallyCross and Formula, each proudly flagging completely different driving styles. On the vertical columns, however, we will find the tier of the respective categories from the lowest value 6 to the highest one. Obviously, the goal is to start from the one that is more consistent with our present level, with the more experienced experts who will split on the 3 first available right away), while those seeking a more complete and instructive experience will point to the most backward. Once the series is selected, you enter the circuit by choosing a car and its livery, starting to compete. Positive or negative results, as well as compete for the same stables,
Project CARS 2
Scalability is the password
Regardless of outbound activities, the primary purpose is to improve the dominance of the carriages to the point of approaching us slowly to compete in the most important international circuits, Indy Car for Formula, Endurance Series for prototypes, PWC GT for Gran Turismo and so on. At the same time, we will be proposing Life Objectives that should lead us to a certain rhythm in tackling this mode, such as completing tier 6 tier 1 discipline or winning some iconic races such as the Grand Prix of Côte d’Azur, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Indy 500.
A structure that delights the racing enthusiasts because it offers quantity and variety on the optimum basics guaranteed by the gaming engine: from the performance of the various cars we are going to control, to a detailed in-game interface, on the customizable race weekend, but still realistic if faced with all the different phases, and the atmospheric rendering of the paths.
Project CARS 2
Nice and light
Driving vehicles change dramatically among the above categories, delivering the good performance of a grip that moves more and more from its mechanical to aerodynamic component, so that it is possible to perceive markedly the marked difference even at the lower tiers. Scalability is therefore the most valuable game that adapts the driving system according to the input device, car, aids, and weather, always at very good levels. Obviously, do not expect to have the same feeling with pad and steering wheel, but the result in both cases is still fulfilling.
On the wave of scalability we must re-emphasize the versatility of the graphics engine, which easily moves from a GTX 1050Ti to an RX480 and beyond, managing to keep the 60fps fixed to target resolutions by adjusting a set of settings that can already be defined at medium level, height of the current generation. A bit less exciting is the artificial intelligence of opponents who, despite having a certain level of customization between level of challenge and aggressiveness and excellent timing tracking and tracking, backwards (and especially in some circuits) often end up and will gladly create artificial trains to avoid overly catastrophic accidents.