PES 2018

PES 2018 has been in stores for a few days now, and after having tested and reviewed it, we thought it would be appropriate to make a small guide for brand newbies, but also for those players who come back to Pes’s saga after some time. Mainly because the heart of the Konami offer is the gameplay: revised, improved and enriched by some features that, to be mastered, require experience and a pinch of mastery.
Without losing any more time, then we see what are the things to keep in mind in order to enjoy full of Pro Evolution 2018.
Real Touch +
Real Touch is the feature that allows us players to have full control of players and their actions. The concept is very simple: the physics of the ball, the way it interacts with the players, is very responsive and real. This results in more realistic contrasts and more articulated maneuvers that take into account more factors, such as the physicality of the players and the place where the balloon is impacting on them. In order to better manage situations, we recommend that you try as much as possible with the stop-oriented and exploited physics of the players you use, taking advantage of balloon coverage, dribbling, and the ability to move.
To handle the ball with precision you just need to hold down the R1 / RT button, this way you will have a better control than the player will do, having also the ability to perform spectacular dribbling by combining the above button with the lever analogue left.
Also useful is the filtering passages and the actions consisting of a dense network of passages useful to decay the defensive opponents, which in this new version of Pro Evolution, especially at high difficulty, are very well organized. One of the most effective ways to score is to use a great physical attacker able to take advantage of the crosses of the wings; or more technical players capable of making one-two lethal and unpredictable.
Ending the network fiercely or accurately then it will be your choice: Keep in mind though that doing the hurry might bring the footballer you used to opt for uncoordinated and inaccurate conclusions. Always try to choose the most useful alternatives in that particular situation.
Master League and how to deal with it
The game mode park offered by PES is not very rich but still satisfying: it has taken the licensed competitions, there are the classic Master League and Become a Myth. The first one will ask you to dress a coach and bring your team to success, and you will be able to choose whether to use royal or rocket balls.
PES 2018 is a fun game and in some ways immediate. However, I have to underestimate gameplay and mode: both of them need some little advice to make the most of it, making the experience much better. We hope that these two little suggestions may have been useful to you: use comments to propose others.
In any case, in order to win a winning season, you have to be careful how you will handle the forces of the one who holds it, and what is more important to make a functional market for improvement and not focus on the challenges. Spot the field areas that require strong players, perhaps starting from the spine of a team, namely goalkeeper, central defender, central midfielder and tip, and then develop the rest. Buy players starting from pink “