Prison Architect has announced a new addition – Island Bound – review

Paradox Interactive and Double eleven announced an addition Island bound for his simulator of building a maximum security prison Prison architect. His release will take place on June 11th.

The new DLC will allow players to build prisons on an island where no roads lead. Key Features:

  • Optimization of logistics will allow delivering the necessary goods and prisoners directly to prison buildings using ferries and helicopters. However, numerous reception points also simplify the import of smuggling.
  • Each marina, landing site and road can be assigned its own supply chain. For each delivery point in the complex, you can choose the available services.
  • Searching for deliveries and prisoners at the entrance to the prison and at checkpoints will become easier. In addition, if the situation gets out of control, emergency response teams can be called in, including firefighters, elite operatives and paramedics.
  • More than 15 options for water surfaces and objects for the island. For safety and beauty, the prison complex can be surrounded by moats, rivers and lakes.
  • Specially prepared maps of Alcatraz and the island of the same name to manage the most famous prison in the world.
Earlier, Prison Architect released a new free add-on called Cleared for transfer.

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