Polish authorities are interested in Cyberpunk 2077 developers – CD Projekt RED faces a heavy fine

Polish State Antimonopoly Authority UOKiK, who is also responsible for protecting consumer rights domestically, initiated a preliminary investigation into the gaming company CD Projekt RED… It happened after the scandalous launch Cyberpunk 2077 and bulk refund messages.

According to the Polish press, interest UOKiK to CD Projekt RED attracted multiple complaints about the console versions Cyberpunk 2077… The supervisory authority wants to personally understand the situation in order to ascertain the intentions of the game studio.

“We turned to the company [CD Projekt RED]to tell us about the existing issues in the game and the steps she took to try to fix them.

We’re going to take a first-hand look at how it continues to work and address the current difficulties that are keeping the project in dire straits on console systems. We also want to see in person how the developers will interact with users who are disappointed with the purchase of the game on a platform that is convenient for them after the creators themselves have assured them of the quality of the product, “explained a UOKiK spokesman.

If UOKiK will find action CD Projekt RED unscrupulous, authors Cyberpunk 2077 run the risk of being fined ten% from the company’s revenue for the entire past year

Release Cyberpunk 2077 took place December 10… According to preliminary plans, this month the project should receive its first full-fledged patch, designed to fix many problems and errors.

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