Pokemon Sun / Moon

And “The Witcher 3” – role-playing game released in 2015, the year, and many gaming publications recognized “game 2015” on all platforms (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC) shipped in the amount of 10 million copies as of March 2016 of the year.

The same amount of copies of Pokemon Sun / Moon shipped its first week of sales. In any case, it specifies that the shipment does not equal sales, although the number of shipped parties based on sales forecasts. But as we can see by the statistics above, Nintendo forecasts are not missed.

So, what are these games? This summer, the World swept “pokemonomaniya” – for smartphones based on iOS and Android game came Pokemon Go, in which it was necessary to catch a virtual Pokemon – small and funny monsters – and capture them with the help of certain points on the map.

In fact, Pokemon Go – is something like a reflection in the augmented reality of what is happening in the major games Pokemon series.

The Pokemon you – teen Pokemon trainer who comes to a new region. Your job (if in general terms) – to collect all the Pokemon in the region and defeat all the other coaches. Pokémon themselves – fictional monsters of various shapes and sizes that have different abilities and are able (and love) to fight.

The Pokemon Pokemon are fighting only themselves, people take part in the battles only as trainers. Nor pedaliruetsya cruelty and violence in games, and there is no death.

Pokemony not kill one another, the blood and other physiological features absent, and monsters themselves not be called aggressive. Rather battle Pokemon – is something like a martial art, but with magical abilities (physical attacks is also available).

Initially, the player is given only one Pokémon (as a rule, one of the three – to choose from), and with it you need to catch wild Pokémon and other Pokémon trainers to win. Captured wild Pokémon gradually become attached to the coach, if he takes care of them as pets – feeding, playing with them, stroking.

High popularity of Pokemon games can be attributed to human passion for collecting, especially trophies. Any modern game in one way or another uses gathering and collecting at least as a side the mechanics of gameplay.

For example, in Uncharted you can collect treasures in Forza Horizon – vintage cars and experience stands / fast travel in Watch Dogs 2 – various schemes, and hacker tools.

In Pokemon gathering at the forefront, as the competitive element – in fact, share Pokémon and battle as possible, including online and located near the players.

Also, since in fact the Pokemon – is jRPG (role-playing game in Japanese style) – add interest and the possibility of Pokemon. Especially because of the development is not simply “pump” their characteristics – at some stage Pokémon evolve into more advanced creatures.

The last thing you need to know about Pokemon games – they always come in pairs. That is, two games in which everything is the same, except for a set of special Pokemon. Thus, if you want to collect 100% of the region Pokémon games, Pokémon need to communicate with the players, who purchased another game or buy two copies of the game (as fans often come). Our office got Pokemon Sun version, but we will not talk about particular Pokémon in it, so everything said below can be equally attributed to both Pokemon Sun, and to the Pokemon Moon.


After parting with stereoscopic 3D (it is in some places still available – for example, in the photo and visual search Pokémon mode, but the bulk of the gameplay comes in the usual “flat» 3D) developer Pokemon Sun / Moon was able to use the released capacity to render console more beautiful scenes. the game world itself has become more beautiful and almost got rid of sketchy. And our movement in the world is now more like a adventure game from the third party than the old jRPG overhead view.


The region is very beautiful AOLA

In this case, the animation is quite smooth, rare subsidence FPS seen only in combat and only if there are fighting for more than two Pokémon (depending on the set of effects). Texture filtering, however, is not used, although visually it does not spoil the game.