Twenty years ago, in the distant 1992nd, the Nintendo released the first game of the now world-famous series Pokemon. In it the player get used to the role of the young coach of pocket monsters, and took with him the way from the first battle to becoming a champion.

Since two decades the concept has not changed – in all the major games of the series, you must first win the eight icons in the gym, then fight the elite four, and, in the end, defeat the league. Changed the game, the region is changing, the leaders of gyms have changed, but the concept has never changed. It worked perfectly, it all used to. The presence of the above in the new part of the series all have taken for granted, but Nintendo decided to do otherwise.

Tropical region Alola (quite obviously written off from Hawaii) welcomes old and new players creepy tutorials sizes. Obviously, in the Nintendo decided that the success of a mobile game Pokemon Go is able to attract new users and to the main series, and so the decision to start the game with a rigorous training every game mechanics, every aspect, looks opredelennnoe least logical.

But on the other hand, experienced players are unlikely to be satisfied that the new lead them for the handle nearly five hours, and shows that the series veterans know better than the creators themselves.

During training, the game tells us that the same is a Alola, and how everything is working. It turns out that a close relationship with people and Pokémon Alola remoteness from other regions contributed to the development of unique, nothing on a similar culture.

One of the main aspects of this culture is a rite, which are young coaches Pokemon and which replaces the gyms and badges in the game plan.

During the ceremony trainers travel to the islands of the region (there are four) and perform tests to which they are sent to the so-called “capital”, the governing process. The tests, in contrast to the battles in the gym are not limited to battles – in one of them, for example, it is necessary to watch the dance of the Pokemon and the other ingredients to look for a great meal.

Upon successful completion of each job we are waiting for final test – the battle against Pokemon totem. Pokemon totem essentially normal monsters on steroids – they are larger, stronger, and smarter than the standard individuals.

In addition to increased performance, they also have another trump card – almost every turn, they call in to help ordinary Pokémon that can change the course of treatment of the battle, buffs, debuffs or banal Damage. At the end awaits us great trial – the battle against Kahuna – the leader of the island.

It is difficult to say that the test stand any special ingenuity, but also get bored they also did not have time. It is clear that they, in fact, serve as a “wrapper” for the fight against Pokemon totem, but colorful and distinct “wraps” of each other create a fairly believable illusion of a real adventure.

To be very honest, it is not an illusion. The path from gym to gym, from the elite quartet to the champion – it has long beaten path. This concept is no place for discoveries, he had nothing to surprise us.

A test in Alola hide an element of surprise: the game does not tell us what is the final purpose of these tests, and whether it is at all. At every turn, metaphorical or completely realistic, in this game we can expect a surprise. Changes that initially caused only skeptical,

Very many Japanese role-playing games trying to accommodate as many elements – both gameplay and story. Pokemon series was no exception. Storylines of the series of games rarely come in contact with the main goal – becoming a champion.

There were two separate “peace” one told us the story of the game, showing us actors, put us against the symbolic antagonists in the face of another “X” command, which plans it is necessary to disrupt in the name of goodness and justice; and the other – the world of gyms and champions.

Game Pokemon Sun & Moon managed to link these two “peace” into a single unit. This is a huge achievement for the abandonment of traditional methods of storytelling series – the script does not put “obstacles” during the trip, he does not puts the invisible triggers – the journey is the story.

In the game every now and then there are any events that have almost constant companion will always be comments or remarks. The plot of this part for the first time in two decades ceases to be just about the deeds of the player – it is now also about the characters and their relationships.

It has an interesting, well-developed characters (Lilly – definitely one of the unconditionally best characters in the series) and even a couple of unexpected (this is no joke) plot twists.

But to another part of the Pokemon got good enough interesting gameplay and story. Good should be the most important element – Pokémon themselves. Whether they are good here? No. They are fabulous.

It is known that with each new game, with each new generation, “pokedeks” series supplemented by several dozens of new species of monsters. Alola gives us the 81 th new Pokemon.