Planet Coaster

All that illusion, the indescribable joy of being in a unique place, so to speak magical, is perfectly reflected in this management gamethat al


lows you to build, with an amazing freedom and great showiness, your own theme park. There are no limits beyond what you impose on yourself; the creativecommands, and it is thanks to this spiritual successor to the classic Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 has become such a special title.


I have designed impossible roller coasters, so crazy, so crazy in their layout, that nobody in their right mind would ride in them; not at least if you want to keep the food in your stomach. But I do not care. I ride and enjoy the trip because it is my creation; my great wo


rk, my private Disney World with pirates, ghosts and aliens swarming here and there. That is the greatness of Planet Coaster. It allows you to create dream


worlds; Amusement parks so incredible, so fun, it costs horrors not to get carried away by emotion. There are so many possibilities, so m


any options within the reach of a single click, that my inner child has not stopped screaming with joy from the very moment in which I started my first game. How not to do it if thanks to its powerful editing tools, which are a real wonder, some fans have already created attractions inside a gigantic Death Star!



Let creativity flow!

Just take a look at the work of other players in Steam Workshop to understand how far you can get with this video game. I was so happy, beli

eving that I had built the best amusement park of all time … and suddenly I find this ! Or this other , and I realize how much I have left to learn. But I do it happy, happy, because in Planet Coaster the fun never wanes. There ar
e always new ways to surprise visitors with more spectacular attractions, with larger roller coasters and, above all, with a more original and striking decoration . The latter is important, because aesthetics is one of the great claims with which to attract the attention of customers.


Planet Coaster analysis

It’s amazing the freedom you have to design the roller coaster of your dreams; In addition to the layout, you can also create amazing special effects!

No matter how great one of your attractions is, incredible as it may seem, if there is nothing around, the audience will hardly go to the place.


 You have to create fun everywhere. The more smiles, the more burgers and gifts you will sell; And the more spectacle, the easier it will be for customers to stand waiting in queues. And I love it. I love that realistic touch; the way people be


have inside your amusement park. In addition there are so many options to decorate, so many possibilities to customize buildings and


their surroundings, that it is impossible not to have fun putting stores here and there, embellishing paths with flowers and exotic plants, or creating shows such as a fight between pirates and the fearsome Kraken.


Planet Coaster PC

There are so many possibilities that my inner child has not stopped screaming with joy

The limit is in your imagination. It is the typical bombastic phrase with which they tend to sell you some games, but in this case it is the pure reality

. It is true that there are fewer attractions than those included in the memorable Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 before receiving their expansions, which in the medium term has some appeal, but the passion and creativity wi
th which the fans themselves are giving life to the game make this a minor problem. Every day there are new creations! It’s the good thing ab
out having such deep and at the same time easy-to-use work tools. A couple of minutes will suffice to get hold of them thanks to a great user interface, which is simple, pleasing to the eye, with a lot of information inside but at the same time, well presented, without besieging the user with data. It has merit


Planet Coaster

If they smile, it’s that they’re having a great time! It is essential if you want to spend money on gifts, food or even paying to access the attractions.

You may feel fear the first time you build a roller coaster; you have to take into account the speed, the inclination of the rails, the G force, the impossible turns and acrobatics to minimize the nausea, while you seek to increase the emotion, but with practice


, little by little, you will create works more spectacular and reliable. You will notice your progress. And this is a wonderful feeling. More wh


en you ride your own attraction and enjoy the trip in the first person. Do you know a little? It ended up convincing me the possibility of building a great attraction underground, in a complex underground world with its monsters and other mysteries.