They will spend at least a couple of minutes of charging before attending the awakening from the “cryo” and finding yourself in spite of Eden, a forgotten and decadent city, agglomerated with futuristic and silent monolithic technologies in a boundless ocean. It is
a strange effect that unites the sense of sudden loss, the same as it usually is when you have no idea of ​​where you are and what you have to do in unexpected situations; and is also able to make you understand immediately as in PAMELA
you will be really abandoned to yourself, and not always for the right reasons – or at least for those that a sensible narrative canvas would al
low. In addition to the awareness of being a “Sleepy”, you have no explanation of who you really are, what is your role, because you find yourself there and what happened before the darkness of consciousness and the immobility left in downy from the hibernation left the step to Eden’s reality, which has nothing to do with Paradise.
What future?

Already in the initial stages you will realize that in that lost world you will be at the mercy of drone guardians, robotic machines, and afflicts, your
loved ones transfigured by a mysterious illness that stripped them of their humanity, reducing them to aggressive beings wandering along unmeta environments . And without a goal, apparently, you will also be yourself, forced to wander through the corridors of futuristic and state-of-the-art places, witnessing a dream of everlasting beauty that has suddenly disintegrated.
On Eden he watches a senient IA
called Pamela, who with his quiet voice, from time to time, will give you excerpts of information and will tell you short anecdotes about what that place was before the disaster, about what it should have been and is not managed t
o become.  The sensation is that beyond the hastily incipit and various objectively weak narrative elements, there is in fact more than once scratched the surface of  PAMELA . At the same time, the desire to discover the origins of the incident and the site is the strongest stimulus that could drive you to a chance at this stage, currently at Steam Access.
This is a fantasy science game with a conceptually interesting horror veil, immersed in a small open world where you will visit all that remains of a vibrant city: from shopping centers to night clubs, passing by completely abandoned buildings where to find the m
aterials useful to survival,  PAMELA puts you in the condition of getting food for you not to starve, finding the parts needed to handle your modular weapons and everything you need to withstand the threats and face the lack of concrete help. In this rega
rd, thanks to the holopad (a holographic inventory system complete with all the functions) you can constantly monitor your n
eeds and control the quantities of your belongings; it should be said, however, that the interface still needs to work and that the idea can be appreciated at present but not the perfect execution. And the same applies to what  PAMELA is , at the moment, is able to offer to the player.
The final version of the game will have a non-linear narrative, backed by the files scattered along the Eden City and the dialogues that the mysterious IA will have the protagonist, enriching what should ideally be a “lore” full of elements that can make you u
nderstand in the bottom the whole truth about where you are. Although all of the basic features are already present, more objects, weapons, enemies and areas to be explored will be added in the final version, demonstrating that there is a clear design that will be illustrated step by step through a public “roadmap”, updated also in based on user feedback.