Shooting, Metroidvania-style exploration , puzzles, boss fights … if I’m passionate about Owlboy, it’s his ability to reinven


t his action, over and over again, during the ten-hour journey. You may face a dungeon covered with a blanket of darkness, you fight constantly against multiple enemies under the threat of drafts, or even that you must bet on stealth to inf


iltrate behind the enemy lines. It is the great virtue of the video game, the surprise factor, but in a way, also one of the few defects that it treasures. It covers so many fronts that in the end, it does not stand out especially in any of them.


The winged hero

With a protagonist capable of flying you can not say that this is a platform adventure to use. There are challenges of style, of course, because at specific moments of the game we will find obstacles that prevent us from taking off; but the challenge, rather tha

n jumping abysses, is to avoid the many traps and enemies that populate the colorful world of Owlboy. The experience is great. For the great inventiveness of the developers, who always have an ace up their sleeve to surprise, but above all, for the w
onderful emotional connection that is established with the unfortunate hero of the adventure, Otus , which few have in high esteem In your world.


Owlboy analysis

The story, without being a genius, is followed with great interest: there are surprises, great characters, original situations and a lot of heart in what is counted.

The sadness that his eyes reflect or the trembling gesture with which he faces some challenges distances him from the stereotype of a


courageous hero, confident, capable of ending any enemy in his crusade to save the world. Rather it is a vulnerable character; he can not attack, just dodge and, at best, return the fire with rapid turns of the cloak. He desperately nee


ds help and this comes from his friends , who, to put it bluntly, are his best weapon. It is they who attack, who break the barriers that slow their advance using special abilities such as a limited range pistol, or a powerful cannon capable of setting fire to enemies and other elements of the environment. It’s a great idea with an even better execution.


Owlboy PC

Each phase is unique, in aesthetics and game mechanics

The one that Otus must carry with his friends from here to there; that to overcome the enemy must resort to the help of others, giv

es the character of a humanity rarely seen in a video game of these characteristics. You worry about him and his companions; Your adv
enture is your adventure, and surprisingly, neither bored nor tired. So good things have been done, so well has the action of Owlboy been raised, that however much it sounds “heavy” to fly around constantly with someone in tow, the experience is at times wonderful given how well they take advantage of. skills of our comrades.



Do you have coins? Go to the store to unlock health improvements and receive special items that will make it easier to fight against pirates.

There are ingenious puzzles , of which you have to explore the scenarios in search of clues; and also memorable combats where


aside from agility and dexterity with weapons, it requires a head, think well before acting, as many enemies require special tactics to be defeated. The design of levels is shown here as one of its great bastions: each phase is unique, in a


esthetics and game mechanics; they also surprise for their size, for the many alternative roads they offer and the epic combats against jefazos. They are the best and a good example of the great quality of the D-Pad Studios video game.


Even in the plot, without being original or prodigious at the narrative level, Owlboy is surprised by the great importance he attaches to history . The dialogues are a constant in an adventure that catches from beginning to end thanks to that hum


an, emotional touch that defines its action. There are moments to remember, also great characters with whom it is easy to empathize, others hate, and in between, humor, drama and epic round a work worth mentioning that is crowned by an outcome capable of leaving speechless To anybody. Pity that the video game comes with the texts in English .