Outcast – Second Contact

Although the gaming experience is as satisfying as that of the original, it still surprises your freedom of action ! Some of its game mec


hanics feel obsolete. Especially the shootings, which are far from meeting current quality standards. The poor artificial intelligence of the enemies, the orthopedic movements of the protagonist, the coverages … the control system


itself !; despite the improvements that the combat presents, these are not enough to adapt the action of Outcast to current conventions and this, in th


e medium term, ends up ruining the game experience. Yes, there are spectacular moments and exciting shootings in large open spaces but, deep down, it’s hard not to feel disappointed, even frustrated, when you discover that the hero of this adventure does not finish responding to your orders with the desired precision.



Back to a magical world

There are many options when facing enemies thanks to the varied arsenal of firearms to which we have access, all of them with the possibility of being improved with new features; and we are certainly free to cause the chaosaround us by using traps, explosives or even holograms of the hero, Cutter Slade , with whom we will distract the rivals just before finishing them off w

ith a shot to the head. There is potential, there is no doubt about it, but at the moment of truth, unfortunately, the game of Appeal is not up to par. As I said, it feels old-fashioned; Their shootings are usually simple and erratic, and it’s a shame. More considering that Outcast, for everything else, remains surprisingly current.


Outcast - Second Contact analysis

The freedom of action is total, to the point that you can complete the missions in the order you prefer

The planet Adelpha is a living world, constantly evolving, that responds credibly to the acts of the protagonist. Its inhabitants will respect you if you help them, but they will also fear you or even attack you if you show hostility. The same can be said about enemies, who

will act in one way or another depending on when and where they attack. In Outcast – Second Contact the freedom of action is total, to the point that you
can fulfill the missions in the order that you prefer, always bearing in mind, of course, that there are more dangerous territories than others. It is not enough im
pediment for you to infiltrate behind enemy lines and disrupt their arms production lines if that is what you want. And this is one of the greatness of this classic of Appeal.

It seems incredible that with almost 20 years of history behind it this open-world video game offers so many options when it comes to exploring their lands. And the best thing is that there are no markers or light signals that indicate, almost shouting, “Hey!


Here’s your next goal!” Outcast is so great that you must question the inhabitants of Adelpha to know your next step; you need to talk, dialogue with dozens of characters, to show you where the object you are looking for or the person


who should help you save the planet Earth. The sense of adventure is extraordinary because, in addition, the video game gives life to a science ficti


on universeincredibly attractive. The culture, the religion, the clans, the enemy troops … the development team did not leave a single detail in the pip


eline, even creating a language for the inhabitants of this strange world in which we must find the members missing from our exploration team, as well as a vital probe to prevent our world from collapsing.

Outcast - Second Contact

The video game gives life to an incredibly attractive science fiction universe

The story has a greater weight than it might seem at first glance and to really face the challenges that Outcast proposes has been great. Despite the antiquatedness of your combat system, which will almost lead you to use stealth most of the time, or

the erratic control system, there is something that makes this open-world action adventure unique. Yes, the hero and the enemies will be blocked in some elements of the scenario and, yes, could really have contributed more news so that, especially the shootings, fe
lt more like the present and not so much as a memory of the past. But even with those, Second Contact continues to be a good action game that also presents an attractive audiovisual finish.