The game develops into five extemporaneous levels, playable in any order, along with four more stages dedicated to assault mode, where you will have to resist as much as possible against the incessant attack of enemy hordes. In its main mode, the player will be asked to choose one of four characters and to cast himself in the solitary challenge, or accompanied by a maximum of three other friends.


The title, in fact, supports online co-operative mode, and this is one of the main features on which the game is based. Before dealing with the bulk of the review, or gameplay, it seems fair to briefly dwell on some aspects of background and narrative. Th


e absence of an organic campaign did not, of course, allow to create a particularly articulated plot, and on the other hand does not seem to be the most important element in the analysis of the game. Nevertheless, in any case, developers have included some documents scattered around the levels, which will help you discover some details about the game world. The question is interesting if you consider that to get the most articulated details of history you will have to face the adventure by choosing the highest of the three levels of difficulty proposed. Everyone’s apocalypse


Despite a rigid structure, Outbreakstrives to propose a personal and varied gaming experience. In every game, in fact, the zombies will be distributed differently: all this creates a discrete variety, but also some problems. Sometimes, for exampl


e, our run ended earlier because we were attacked a few seconds after the beginning of the zombie level that, by chance, were in the vicinity. But let’s go with the order: the first action to be taken before starting a game is to choose one of the four available characters. These are distinguished not only in aesthetic terms, but also in terms of sk


ills. In this sense, therefore, we have Mason, able to use firearms right away, Alendra, skilled in the use of darts, or Ethan, capable of exploiting the best painkillers, to finish with Quies, equipped with a larger inventory. It goes without saying that some characters seem to be clearly studied to be used in a team of more players, while users who are going to play alone might pre


fer Ethan’s health or Mason’s resistance to damage.After carefully selecting your virtual alter ego, you will realize how the game is anything but friendly: with only one life per game, little space in the inventory and few directions on what to do: the only thing it is sensible to proceed with circumspection. Most of the time, the main activity will be to wander around for keys searching for keys, good to open doors that l


et you explore new areas and get to the exit. Between saying and doing, though, there is always a big difference, and this rule also applies to Outbreak . The game allows you to move both with the pad and with the keyboard, but any option you choose will have to warn you: it will not be a simple business. Question of interpretations 


Let’s put it this way: it is possible to understand the whole Outbreak game facility in two ways, one more traditional and one more modern. By choosing the first approach, you will notice some obvious references to titles of the past, such as the extremely rigid and unintelligible character control system, the ability to shoot only by stops, the overall high difficulty.


Choosing to watch the game under a less patient lens, and probably less tied to the past, is that the features just mentioned appear to be just as annoying.To move, in fact, you will have to press the button to advance, along with the desired direction. All this is not so intuitive, especially if you consider the frequent situations in which you wi


ll be forced to escape from the zombies sunken.In fact, we recall that for each level one life will be available, which will be lost after a number of zombie attacks. This dynamic becomes even more complicated when you have to stop, pull the weapon (both from fire and white), point and hit; the choice between automatic and manual goals in this regard does not change


much of the difficulty that gamers will encounter in shooting zombies. Offensive options, in any case, are varied and well-made, ranging from guns to rifles, passing by hooks and knives (which will be damaged after a few attacks). You will need to be careful about inventory management: in addition to limited space, you will need to be careful to collect only ammunition related to your weapon,