Werewolves Within

Maybe the name of the title makes you imagine a concept of game very different from the one that this work really contributes to us, because of the fact that the presence of werewolves usually brings with it situations related to the action, murders, etc. Nothing to do with the reality behind this video game!


In my case I can not say that I enjoyed pleasant evenings with my friends around a bonfire telling stories of all kinds and diverse experiences. But some of you may, so the basic arrangement proposed by Werewolves Within may be familiar.


Tales around a bonfire

Of five to eight players online (one of the few productions for virtual reality that support this option) must participate in a curious game that has some basic rules extremely simple. One or two characters assume the role of werewolves, while the rest become mere villagers of Gallowstone , a town that has already grown weary of the presence of werewolves.


Werewolves Within analysis

Depending on the role that we need to assimilate in each game we will have some skills or others.

The essence of Werewolves Within is that within the ten minutes that each game lasts, each player tries to find out who is who … or, at least, who are the aforementioned werewolves. The grace lies in talking to each other, carefully observe each of them to, with patience and instinct, finish elucidating who are the bad guys on duty or, if we assume the role of werewolves, deceive the other users.


Werewolves Within PC

It is one of the few multiplayer games for virtual reality

However, not everything is that simple. Werewolves enjoy certain skills, such as knowing who they are also of their same condition. Those who assume the role of villagers can also adopt certain roles (martyrs, vigilantes, etc.) that lead to the acquisition of unique

skills, which allow us to elucidate clues about the rest of the players. But not everything is so simple since to get to learn all the skills of the different roles and its operation takes a brief period of learning, being impossible to know all the details and rules of the game during the first games.


Once you learn the operation of game mechanics and understand all the roles at your fingertips, it is when the title gives the best of itself. It is quite entertaining to play clumsiness between some players and others, especially if those who play with us are our friend


s. In addition, the title, which is available for both PS4 and PC, supports cross-play between the two machines, which is a detail. And more considering that it is not easy to find a minimum of five players at a time.


Werewolves Within

In the games must take a minimum of five players, although they can accommodate up to eight users at a time.

It is also appreciated that Werewolves Within has been located in our language, something fundamental because of its characteristics so that it is not more complex than it is at the beginning. For all this we understand that it is not a game for everyone and its operation may be somewhat strange at first, but if you take the pleasure, it can bring a lot of fun.