Kojima received the “Great Blessing”, wants to create a “new media” and the entertainment of tomorrow in 2023

Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima celebrated last year with a release Death stranding, congratulated fans on the upcoming 2023 and talked about their plans for the future. On Twitter, the legendary developer hinted that he had a lot of new ideas, in particular Kojima wants to create a “new media” related to streaming and artificial intelligence.

“Happy New Year. I hope you have a wonderful year in 2023. After I took the first step with the release of DEATH STRANDING last year, I want to do another 1 or 2 this year. I hope the intended trajectory will set the path for me. ”

“The Tokyo Olympics will take place in 2023, and in the next 10 years, with the advent of streaming and artificial intelligence, extreme changes will occur in the entertainment industry. I would like to create something related to these new media and a completely new entertainment of tomorrow. ”

It is worth noting that the original Japanese version of the second message also mentions traditional games (or a game written in Japanese does not always reflect the exact amount of things) along with brand-new entertainment.

Kojima’s year seems to be really successful. The developer conducted Hatsumode (the Japanese tradition of the first visit to the Shinto shrine in the new year, usually practiced on the first three days of January) and performed the Omikuji ceremony (a popular Japanese fortune-telling practiced in Shinto and Buddhist temples).

It is said that the first Omikuji held during Hatsumode sets the tone for the whole year, and Kojima pulled out “Daikichi,” which means “Great Blessing.” This is the best result you can get.

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