Official: Ubisoft Massive Is Working On A Star Wars Game, EA Monopoly End

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Studio Ubisoft massive in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games working on a new game in the universe “Star Wars“(Star Wars). Reported by Wired

This announcement marks the end of an exclusive contract that Lucasfilm signed with the publisher in 2012 Electronic Arts… It was supposed to operate for 10 years, but plans changed. Apparently Lucasfilm Games is now working on the model Marvel Gameswhich distributes licenses between different developers.

As the official representatives explained Disney, EA will continue to work with the Star Wars franchise, remaining a strategic partner of the company. However, the licensees believe there will be room for other publishers.

Details about the new project Ubisoft Massive are still very few, because it is at a very early stage of development. Right now, the studio is just recruiting new people, so by the time the EA contract expires, the game will still be in production.

However, the creative director will be Julian Gerity, responsible for The division 2 and The crew… The development will be based on the graphics engine Snowdrop Engine.

This is not the first time Ubisoft has partnered with Lucasfilm. In particular, it was the French publishing house that developed Star Wars: Lethal Alliance and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

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