2084-th year. The future has arrived, but it was not so rosy as it drew fiction. The poor have become even poorer, the rich – richer.

There was a formal division of the citizens into classes – upper and lower. Passport holders of class C are forced to live in slums and fend meager earnings to the hard work of finding consolation except in drugs and entertainment in a virtual reality.

But the citizens of the A-Class are open all the doors. The state’s role is not so important – as it should be in the cyberpunk genre, they rule all mega-corporations.

More and more people are using various augmentation: someone for the sake of improving the imperfect human body, and some out of necessity, such as war veterans, going somewhere in the east. But neither the one nor the other does not spare nanofag – an epidemic that affects those who use implants.

The main character, Daniel Lazarski, – private investigator working on Chiron Corporation, which, in fact, owns everything and everyone in Poland in 2084, the year.

He is not just a detective – with the help of a special device, Daniel is able to connect to the consciousness of any person, which greatly facilitates the investigation of a case.

However, such activity is not everyone’s strength: such travel across the expanses of a reason referred to supervisors and impose them highly demanding requirements – very few people can not only withstand such a test, while maintaining sanity, but also to obtain the necessary information for the investigation.

This time Lazarski arisen purely family problems – his son, Adam, asking for help. Specific details are not clear, a phone call interrupted, barely begun, and Daniel went to the poorest district of Krakow, where received a signal for help. The events taking place in one of the Class C slum houses will forever change his life.

Observer game review

No, no, this is not my video card is living its last minutes – before us is just another journey into someone’s mind.


At the bottom

The film “Blade Runner” clearly had a great influence on the development of the Observer . The game sometimes skillfully quoted motion picture, without sinking to the banal copying. Especially good was able to convey the atmosphere of neo-noir, which was literally saturated with the film.

City at night, rain, glowing neon signs, the proximity of luxury and poverty, high-tech equipment including trash debris … If you take the entourage of Blade Runner as a standard cyberpunk, the Polish developers masterfully followed him.

Details like elegant furniture in the apartment with the dilapidated walls of huge non-performing or display everywhere, even in crap toilets, catching up by a serious depression – is a comfortable future for sure you will not name.

Not without retro-futurism and frank anachronisms – LCD monitors side by side with cassette recorders and radios, and neurointerfaces used no less than the classic keyboard with large keys.

Artists and designers deserve the most flattering words – attention to detail, the ability to withstand a single style and accurate references to the classics of the genre allowed them to create such an atmosphere that the immersion in the game comes from the very first minutes.

Carp almost to nothing – all in their places. Sound only adds to the effect of: music, noise environment, dialogues … Chic voice of the protagonist, voiced by Rutger Hauer (Rutger Hauer), in the end.

“Let me go, depth ‘

Daniel, as befits a real detective in 2084, the year, punctuated by special devices on most do not. It has a built-in night vision, organics analyzer and scanner equipment.

The latter allows to detect a variety of chips and cards, and indeed any running “iron”, including mechanical augmentation.

Just press a button and turn on one of the three modes of view corresponding to each of the devices. Investigate the crime scene with them is much easier than with the naked eye, the same can immediately determine the identity of the organic material to a person or to obtain the necessary information about any implant.

Observer game review

Luxury chandelier shabby bathrooms – not the strange whim of the local inhabitants.

But the main weapon of our detective – is, of course, the opportunity to break into the consciousness of the suspects and examine the thoughts and memories of the person “inside”. The first such hack gives an unforgettable experience – and if artists and designers work I have already noted that every scene of another’s mind depths makes invent new praise.

In fantasy responsible for this part of the gameplay can not refuse – and in fact all of these ideas still have been adequately put into the game itself! And the developers have got it: study plexus someone’s fears, hopes and dreams captures outright in the first place thanks to the design levels.

Useless to talk about it: here, as they say, it is necessary to show, in addition to the dynamic – static screenshots do not give all the beauty and horror of another’s subconscious.

Before us is not just a collection of frightening scenes, piled in a heap, as it seems at first glance. To understand all the intricacies of the plot, it is necessary to closely monitor what is happening, there was a slight breeze and seemed to try to remember everything that has to do with the investigation.

Given the sometimes absolutely crazy clearance locations, not an easy task. No, of course, no one will return to normal after tormenting the world of the protagonist riddles whose answers had to memorize in advance.

The player will always help tips and instructions on exactly what to do – for this there is investigative magazine. But here it is the case when you want to know all the details, and not only because it further without it will not pass.