Nyusha got wet and showed herself without clothes

Singer Anna Shurochkina, known as Nyusha, uploaded fresh footage to the network, on which a wet celebrity was photographed almost without anything near a pond in an exotic setting.

According to Gamebomb.ru, Nyusha shared new photos with her followers on Instagram. A girl with wet hair and almost without anything was photographed by the pool near a hut in a warm exotic country. In two new frames, Nyusha crossed her legs, and covered the most important with her hand and various objects. However, fans were still satisfied with the new publications of Shurochkina, leaving her with a variety of compliments.

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Posted by Nyusha (@nyusha_nyusha) Jan 10, 2023 @ 5:42 am PST

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Posted by Nyusha (@nyusha_nyusha) Jan 8, 2023 at 8:11 PST

Fans of Nyusha wrote that on new frames the singer looks so beautiful that they simply can’t take their eyes off. Many noted that in the pictures Nyusha is clearly without makeup, and at the same time looks chic anyway. Others noted the very long and beautiful hair that the celebrity has released in recent months. It is interesting that some viewers were outraged by the photos of Nyusha in this form and pose, and they even wrote that in the place of her husband Shurochkina they would be very unhappy with such savagery. Publications Nyusha gained more than 150 thousand likes from its subscribers, according to Gamebomb.ru.

Last year, Anna Shurochkina made radical changes in her appearance and decided to remove her famous mole above her upper lip, which, according to many fans, gave it originality.