Not a console, but a “cactus”: In France, Nintendo Switch recognized as the most fragile product of 2019

French magazine60 Millions de Consommateurs“(” 60 million consumers “) published its traditional ranking of the worst companies in 2019, called”Cactus de la conso“(” Consumer Cactus “). Responsible for the publication of the magazine French National Institute of Consumption (INC).

Companies like “National Company of French Railways“(SNCF), chain of stores Fnac and… Nintendo. Japanese Platform Holder Awarded “Cactus for too fragile product

We are talking about Nintendo Switch consoles, whose Achilles heel are drifting sticks. The problem appeared at the start of systems sales, even new ones suffer from it Switch lite.

Nintendo offers free replacement for broken Joy-Con controllers, but problems are emerging in a number of European countries. So, in France, Nintendo refused to repair the console without a receipt, requiring users to pay 45 euros. For this, the Japanese company has already received a warning from the Federal Consumers Union.

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