No Man’s Sky

However, and at the same time, there were many doubts among some user profiles about whether the title would live up to expectations, pointing many to the limitations of a small studio like Hello Games , to the fact that they have only signed before.


Joe Danger saga(much more modest) and the factor, not less important, to have given themselves to technology as a form of inspiration: with a procedural generation of trillions of planets to explore as the main foundation of everything that offers its un


repeatable universe (literally). So his new work is about perception, about whether we are able to feel, to enter into its galaxies, its music and its colors … Although also of repetition, of monotony and of tasks that in reality are simple and numerous, but that they repeat inexhaustibly.



Tracing your Own Course

It has been surprising and rather unprepossessing the obsession of some fans to avoid spoilersin this video game when its narrative load is, in reality, so meager. If what worried many people was that they “gutted” the facet purely related to history,

tranquility should spread since this is the least relevant part of the title: Both due to lack of weight and exposure, as well as the absence of an intention Real by Hello Games to give us something to serve as an incentive for our progress in the adven
ture beyond delving, rather little, into the idiosyncrasies of a handful of fairly stereotypical alien races. If the interest was to preserve th
e impact of being able to see the planets ahead of time, we must also explain that the chances of seeing a video gameplay or a streaming on a planet where we can end up recalling are so ridiculous that, to be that the end in itself is contemplated,


No Man's Sky analysis

We will begin our journey on a random planet outside the universe. From there? We will go to the nucleus.

What is this qualification? That the word routine is the most repeated when one talks about what an experience like this can offer. No


Man’s Sky transmits sensations more similar to those of games of collection and survival as Rust , Ark: Survival Evolved or even Minecraft, and is that it shares with all of them the need to repeat seemingly banal tasks to achieve higher goals.


Yes, you have to travel to the center of the universeas magical and almost utopian final goal; but that has a very high cost in terms of


fuel that will end up conditioning every step we take since we have to generate it ourselves. In the game of Hello Games every second we invest in exploring a planet on foot has an energy cost for our suit and, in turn, every kilometer that we tr


avel aboard the ship has a price to pay in terms of that gasoline. Until we become little less than an intergalactic tycoon with the passing of the hours, we will have to measure enough to what we dedicate each step we take, turning even the first bars of


our existence into a sort of time trial. Why this effort on the part of those responsible for making us aware of this when many fans have ex


pressed so clearly their interest in just exploring the confines of the unknown? Because even in a release as large and open as the one we are dealing with, and in which there is a seemingly distant macro-objective, they have considered that the amateur needs small goals that guide his steps in a more concrete way.


No Man's Sky PC

 If we study it as a dance of sensations and as an experience, of course, it is unique and overwhelming

In fact, at the beginning of our epic the title itself will ask us if we want to follow advice or if we want a total free will. Although the p

rogram itself recommends the first way, betting on the second will not free us from all the mundane tasks related to survival, and will only serve to avoid showing on the screen panels of objectives with a series of guidelines (which do not require, we insist )
about what our next step should be, and what we can do or not. When we start we are lost in a random planet, with a damaged ship and without any kind of tutorial or guide about what is happening, so in the first steps of our departure the follow-u
p will be little less than an obligation. However, and quickly, we will realize that limiting ourselves to that, the most direct and fastest way to reach the core of the universe, is the equivalent of missing everything that No Man’s Sky can offer.


No Man's Sky

And the beauty of this is to lose yourself in it. It is difficult in a life as busy as the twenty-first century human being, but the only way to really enjoy this proposal is to turn off phones, close doors and windows, say goodbye to a couple or family for an


entire afternoon and feel that we do not have time. “I have been at 20:00 and I have 30 free minutes, what can I play?” That is a question that often the player of our time is asked, and that has very easy, great and direct answers in titles such as latest insta


llments of sagas such as FIFA or Call of Duty, or other fast-paced entertainments such as Overwatch or League of Legends. No Man’s Sky is not an experience of short sessions that accommodate the time we have with two or three games and a lot of flexibility; it’s the opposite,


And, still, there are things to forgive the video game, because it is far from perfect. Speaking of sensations and perceptions, to which we have dedicated all the previous part of the analysis, there is little to reproach the game. However, the breakdown of the playable, to which we will devote the following paragraphs, is where this work of colossal dimensions but precarious feet of clay weakens. It is wonderful to travel through space and enjoy the shocking scenes of intergalactic travel and, of course, it is great to feel that we explore the unknown by stepping on planets that nobody has seen before and that, perhaps, nobody ever sees again. However, all that sense of discovery, very cleverly rewarded through that common Atlasfor all the players in which we publish (and if we also baptize) our discoveries, it ends up being the only real motivation to move forward and to repeat once again the actions that we will almost mechanically end up reproducing. We can earn our living by being an explorer of the unknown since every flora, fauna, planet or system that we index will give us money, we can also earn it by being pirates and attacking merchandise convoys in space, or in a more legal way in miner’s code or merchant … But all of them are so different and attractive on paper, as identical and little stimulating for practical purposes.


No Man's Sky PC