Aloy in detail: Sony shares new images of the protagonist of Horizon Forbidden West

Company Sony Interactive Entertainment and studio Guerrilla Games published the official guide to cosplaying the main character of an action adventure Horizon: Forbidden West

This guide provides a fresh take on the game model Aloy from the sequel, allowing in detail to consider all the features of her appearance, including costume, hairstyle, face, weapons and various equipment

“Aloy is curious, determined and eager to uncover the secrets of her world. Rejected by her own tribe from birth, she has learned to use her agility, cunning and deadly determination to hunt machines and survive in the harsh wilderness.”

Horizon: Forbidden West is being developed exclusively for consoles Playstation 5 and Playstation 4… The game will be released 18th of Febuary, and already on September 2, pre-orders will be open.

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