NieR: Automata

The Japanese in particular are tested through the pain. Not casual as one of the most violent games created for gamers is the Japanese masters.NIOH , Bloodborne and Dark Souls – each one makes the death and suffering to the root of self-Player, coupled with the knowledge of the outside world.

NieR: Automata follows the same path. Android 2B, conquered the Internet and are guilty of innumerable erotic fan-art will die and return of lost – it is inevitable, because Automata full use fashionable roguelike-system.

Often it is at the moment when the game begins to tire, NIER change perspective.  Immediately feel the freshness in a relationship with 2B.Often it is at the moment when the game begins to tire, NIER change perspective. Immediately feel the freshness in a relationship with 2B.

Added she NieR not for beauty, but for the sake of harmony and gameplay concepts. Eerie and depressing concept is to try to fight off Terran planet from alien robots the power of androids like 2B.

Nothing creepy? Far from it. The invaders, who inhabited the Earth for thousands of years, have gone mad trying to imitate people. Imitating their life and social structure, the machine built cargo cults behalf of mankind.

Observation of them among the debris of earth civilization like horror the play in the theater of the absurd: physically feel discomfort from irregularities seen. Imagine a small clearing, where a bunch of robots enthusiastically indulges in orgies.

At first, it seems funny, but after a while it would be desirable to leave. Run. Machines with nonhuman tenacity hammering each other, parodying human passion. They can go on like this for decades, repeating the movement over and over again. The atmosphere of decadence and devastation formed by a plurality of scenes such, and because she is beautiful.

You know the breed of people whose optimism is so irresistible that they would like to strangle?  Android 9S of these, so it wants to beat stronger glavzlodeev.You know the breed of people whose optimism is so irresistible that they would like to strangle? Android 9S of these, so it wants to beat stronger glavzlodeev.

Thought that NieR: Automata about peeking under the skirt 2B and self-destruction for the sake of unsheathing luxury backside android, the best-looking Lara Croft?

Congratulations, you fall for the trick Yoko Taro – game designer alcoholic and crazy storyteller telling stories through the pain and prevozmoganiya gamer on themselves. Taro, transformed with the help of the studio Platinum Games gnarled NIER in superior original NIER: Automata , cheated.

He knows the tastes of gamers in women, as well as many Japanese developers. Unbridled fan art with the custodian of the fire of Dark Souls 3 – to rukobludnoe confirmation. Embodied in the lush fantasy gamer 2B, game designer at the same time created a smokescreen for the real essence of Automata and visual drug.

White panties 2B captured minds not worse Tracer with Widow successfully popularize Overwatch long before the first BSA. Taro has ensured that players have not seen on the skirt 2B, wanting to buy the game just for girls. Once on the first date with her, they did not know what will be in the history of whose facets unfold fully only after several passages.

Brown mass prior 2B - boss reminiscent manners giant of Shadow of the Colossus.  NieR in such short supply, so please be big mashinoboykoy.Brown mass prior 2B – boss reminiscent manners giant of Shadow of the Colossus. NieR in such short supply, so please be big mashinoboykoy.

This approach is typical for games tarot has a complex and deep storyline that not everyone may like. The trouble in the design of the levels Automata , far from perfect.

They are certainly impressive and a great game on the atmosphere, but the developers did not bother to fill in the location – it’s depressing, because the scale of the studio do not limit yourself. To play a normal situation, when 2B is taken into the building, where there is nothing but tens of stairs and floors.

This hollowness frustrating mainly because for the opening of all the endings and understanding throughout history have repeatedly run the same places and beat the same enemies. However, with NieR: Automata is not so simple.

The first passage is largely determines the future relationship with the gamer 2B. Luckily, Platinum Games was able to smooth the impression of the design change of perspective.

Although peace and pustovat, but it is presented in the spirit of two-dimensional Contra or Metal Slug , the top-view, then in the third person, as befits a slasher. The brain does not explode from this, and the dissonance does not arise, as the fool tarot skillfully wove the game with the prospect of the narrative.

They are just as important for a sense of the atmosphere and irregularities happening understanding of history as the music studio Monaco. It does not just exist in isolation from the events, and develops together with them, are gradually becoming more complex by adding other instruments.

Graphics, let's be honest, is not the best side NieR.  Especially considering the PS4 as a platform.  However, looking at 2B fillet, it becomes clear where did the love and ardor studio.  Smartness ass android was more important than the diversity of the surrounding elements.  Joke.  The dynamics of the game is better than the screenshots.Graphics, let’s be honest, is not the best side NieR. Especially considering the PS4 as a platform. However, looking at 2B fillet, it becomes clear where did the love and ardor studio. Smartness ass android was more important than the diversity of the surrounding elements. Joke. The dynamics of the game is better than the screenshots.

Such non-obvious nuances in Automata very much. For example, the brightness setting is given for setting itself 2B – is not bad so breaks the fourth wall.

The history of the world is told not only through the efforts of the characters, but also non-verbally. Certain facts about the world in the power of the Deranged robots with their cargo cults and human empathy understood literally gut. The mechanism of knowledge, known to most of Dark Souls, perfectly works in NIER .

Of course, there are many questions to the plot, as well as the hidden meaning of a number of unusual locations remain unknown. Moreover, some secrets left deliberately unanswered. Such is the essence of the game, and the appointment of the first passage. It is a kind of test. The first race in the world Automata filed so that the gamer aftertaste remains strong understatement, but a fool of yourself he does not feel it. I met with languid and sensual 2B pozaglyadyval under her skirt, to shoot his heart’s content, understand the basics of history and mocked nedorabotannost antagonists. Enough? Well, not everyone can have the will or the desire to go into the depths. 2B for the first time gives the player wishes: passion and colorful violence against robots.

Interestingly, from a grandmother escaped a bun?Interestingly, from a grandmother escaped a bun?

Not enough? Oh, glorious researchers prepare to recognize the simple fact that for the first time NieR withholding from gamer almost half of the game. Only on the second and subsequent calling to the player will be disclosed to the real history of Automata. Her full version responds to all the questions that arise in the first pass. The game breaks cover (no, not with 2B – themselves coping) with the enigmatic locations and explains the motivation of most of the characters, including the main “byak”. How? In the second passage of history fed through the eyes of another character. Places and events are the same, but the perspective is completely different. Some questions are answered immediately, but are replaced by others. For answers to them for the third campaign, which becomes mandatory if you have the courage to dive into the local scene whirlpool. Then a look at what is happening does not change partially and completely, entirely going to get into troubles 2B at the history of the world NIER .

If you hold the camera too “under the skirt” 2B, stesnyasha gently hint to the player, so do not need and “postpone” the camera by hand. Another example of the fourth wall in the game.

Alas, the gameplay is not designed for such “incarnation”, therefore it begins to exhaust itself by the middle of the second passage. However, on the ground it remains generally favorable impression of him, if not to take

Automata as a conditional Devil May Cry . There are no long cords strokes and nuances, like the Ninja Gaiden . 2B combat capabilities depend solely on the equipment. UPDATE katana two-handed sword – received a specific set of movements. Replace one of the blades for even any type of weapons – were completely different techniques.

Heh-heh-heh, this is not soft and juicy 2B.  In the new game + a few different ... peppercorn.Heh-heh-heh, this is not soft and juicy 2B. In the new game + a few different … peppercorn.

So even though Platinum Games and borrowed much from the slasher, it is not necessary from NieR wait for revelations or serious challenge fans of the genre. She’s a bit about the other call, even though the walk journey 2B also will not name. Dynamics and evasion game looks like the MGS: Revengeance . Here it is crucial positioning warrior, as the enemy rushing herds and loves to shoot. Attacks so much that literally dance between the blades and deadly charges. Given the grace 2B spectacle it turns spectacular, that does not justify, however, the excessive dependence of the efficiency of the role of android system.

Комбо в игре нет потому, что скоротечность боев зависит от характеристик оружия. Вместо разблокирования приема мы улучшаем наши вострые игрушки по лекалам Drakengard. Сама 2В развивается с помощью программ, которые, например, увеличивают урон. Он-то и играет ключевую роль в двоякости боевой системы. Она эффектна — да, не отнимешь. Да вот глубины ей страшно не хватает, особенно на втором и уж тем более третьем прохождении. Будь в NieR хотя бы важен правильный выбор оружия, и то была бы радость, но увы. Всё сводится к поиску самой опасной железки, наносящей самый большой урон. Остается только заучить поведение врагов и научиться правильно уклоняться. Поздравляем, вы — Кратос, оказавшийся в толпе вусмерть пьяных лесорубов.

Sometimes it is possible to ride the fur and then turns into a slasher arcade mech-action film.  Creepy fun!Sometimes it is possible to ride the fur and then turns into a slasher arcade mech-action film. Creepy fun!

Such superficiality combat system hardhorschikov disappoint, because of the Platinum Games expect more. However, so bad when compared with the original sloppy gameplay NIER . Yes and naivety are not so sick as misalignment of the level of skill the player into a banal damage and trash developers. It manifests itself in many ways: from vanishing quest scripts and brain fog level designers to lack of autosave (continuing through the terminals) and the controversial increase in complexity. The enemy is not umneet and zhirneet and borzeet. Really, who needs an interesting attack animation when you can simply unscrew the damage done to the maximum. Although … the hell grumbling. 2B, come here!