In that play: LawBreakers, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Sudden Strike 4


Developer : Boss Key Productions
Publisher : Nexon America
Platform: the PS4, the PC
August 7 Cliff Bleszinski and his new studio Boss Key Productions released its first project – arena shooter LawBreakers. This time, the creator of Unreal Tournament and Gears of War offers us a dynamic team gunman at insane speeds. Included – vertical gameplay, tricks, gravity anomalies, and the combination of the best decisions of Quake and Overwatch.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Developer : the Ninja Theory
Publisher : the Ninja Theory
Platforms: the PS4, the PC
August 8th studio Ninja Theory presented to the gamer a welcome, a very unusual project Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice . His first independent game developers experienced made at the level of the big-budget project.
In the role of a Celtic warrior named Sung you go into the kingdom of the dead to fight for the soul of the deceased beloved. Apart from external enemies, you can expect a fight with his own sick mind – Seine constantly hears voices that are impossible to silence. Listen to them or to ignore – you choose, but for true immersion, developers are advised to play with headphones.

Batman: The Enemy Within — The Telltale Series

Developer : Telltale Games is
Publisher : Telltale Games is
platforms : the Xbox the One, the PS4, the PC
On the same day he released the first episode of Batman: of The Enemy Within . Before us is a continuation of the graphic adventure series about Batman by Telltale Games. The beginning of the second season will add stories of the Dark Knight more dreariness. Now he will have to fight with the Riddler, whose intrigues become a starting point of a new wave of terror that overwhelm Gotham.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Developer : . CAPCOM of CO, LTD
Publisher : CAPCOM of CO, LTD.
Platforms : the Xbox the One, the PS4, the PC
August 8 went on sale Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 , the second part of the collection of Capcom games about popular favorite Megamena. The first volume of the collection came out two years ago, and in the course of the game went to the Mega Man 7 Mega Man 10, as well as new modes, testing, rare illustrations, music and other additional content.

Total War: Warhammer — Norsca

Developer : the Creative Assembly, Feral Interactive has
Publisher: the Sega
Platforms: the PC
On August 10, the digital stores appeared the latest addition to of Total War: of Warhammer , titled Norsca . In it players will control severe peoples inhabiting the northern peninsula of the same name. The people live raids and destruction dominates the ancient and powerful monsters and worship the Dark Gods. We are waiting for a great campaign of conquest, new and unique characters, mechanics and groups – in short, everything you expect from a decent additions.
And those who have already pre-ordered on Total War: Warhammer 2 will receive this race for free.

Sudden Strike 4

Developer : Kite Games is
Publisher : Kalypso Media
Platform: the PS4, the PC
Lovers of strategies this week, waiting for another release. August 11th on personal computers and consoles from Sony comes Sudden Strike 4 , continuation of the famous series of strategies, the previous part of which was published in the last decade. The game features three global campaigns – for the Allies, the Soviet Union and Germany – as well as more atypical for a series of innovations, such as Generals with unique abilities.