Nidhogg II

The essence is exactly the same, nothing changes !, except for the possibility of using a greater variety of weapons with subtle differences that force to adopt different combat strategies depending, also, on the weapon that the rival carries in t


heir hands. Nothing especially complex, is true, but enough to make the battles more fun and delirious than the original video game. It has merit The last days I have not stopped laughing while killing and dying in this crazy 2D action ga


me whose biggest problem is that it offers an ephemeral fun . It is undeniable that his combat system, even in spite of its simplicity, it is pure vice; once you start the game you forget everything else, and you only think about the tricks with which you ca


n surprise the opposite. But before its alarming lack of novelties and alternative game modes that offer new challenges, this bloody spectacle can become repetitive too quickly. More if you reject the multiplayer , which in Nidhogg 2 is everything.



I catch you!

Sword held high, with his eyes on the adversary, trying to figure out what his next move will be. Maybe run and throw a low blow, or jump in order to surprise us in the rear. You do not know !, and that creates a certain tension. An uncertai

nty that becomes emotion when you reject a direct thrust to the heart, or slip between the opponent’s legs to evade his attack. There are not many options, in the end it is always the same … and at the same time different. It is the great strength of a video g
ame with which it is hard not to have fun, especially when the one in front of you is a friend. Do not be fooled by its apparent simplicity. Although betting on a direct action and without contemplation, going around throwing lunges without rhyme or reason only leads to defeat. You have to measure each movement well; study the opponent before attacking and,


Nidhogg II analysis

There are ten scenarios in which to fight, all of them very different from each other … in the artistic, because at the level of mechanics, little change, and it is a pity.

If you jump and he has his sword raised, say goodbye! You’ll probably end up skewered, as it will happen if you roll on the ground when your enemy has decided to put his weapon at that height. You will not have to do anything !, you yourself will end you


r life. It sounds horrible, it really is, but Nidhogg 2 gets this bloody showbe a terribly funny experience. In the end, as I said, it’s always the same. You run, you face the opponent, and you keep going until you reach the end of the level, if not you end up following his steps avoiding him to do the same in the opposite direction. The point is that this is a non-stop; yo


u fight and die while you bring out your worst instincts by screaming, cursing and crying “victory!” every time you cover your blood, you arm. It hooks, it excites, it entertains and at times, it even surprises with genuine situations of combat with which it i


s impossible not to loosen an evil laughter. Imagine throwing an enemy into the abyss using a flying kick, or killing them with the arrow they had fired. Pure delight! And in the end, the best description that can be made of the video game.


Nidhogg II PC

There are not many options, in the end it is always the same … and at the same time different

This is a title of reflexes , of responding in a matter of milliseconds to the actions of the opponent, always looking for the way to surprise him with a definitive blow. Here there are usually no second chances. A lunge means death, so you live the action wit

h that fear; with fear of a failure that increases when, in a bad move, they disarm you and you see yourself without a sword with which to repel the attacks of the opponent. What tension, and how exciting Nidhogg 2 can be when it is proposed. Too bad it is so lacking in news. The few weapons it offers know little by little in a videogame that has not known how to grow
and poses new challenges. Whether it is a sword, a knife, the bow or the foil, there are few changes in the action. Nor the ten levelswhere the battles take place offer variables beyond the aesthetic; in one there are traps, in other mobile objects that can speed up or slow down the march … but in general, the sands are quite simple. So after a few hours the time will come when the game becomes repetitive.


Nidhogg II PC

Nidhogg II

Killing the opponent with the arrow that he shot himself is an incredible feeling! It is one of those moments that make this crazy action game great.

It is always fun to play a game against other players, and that you can compete in a tournament against eight people to determine who is the best is fine, but when we talk about a title that costs 19.99 euros does not seem enough. There is a great evolution at the graphic level. From the minimalist style of the original, with that air to the times of Atari, it becomes a muc


h more colorful video game with scenes full of details and some puppets as protagonists that, although they do not finish convincing me at the design level, show a great variety of animations that give the game a certain spectacularity. But in what matt


ers, at a playable level, the Messhof team has sinned of excessive conservatism. Not even the campaignfor a single player offers nothing really interesting. It is a tutorial that teaches you to use different weapons against increasingly intelligent and tricky enemies


… and that’s it. Once overcome, in about 20 minutes , unless you want to beat your brand and try to complete it in the shortest time possible, you will not find in it a worthy challenge or anything new really. It is a title designed to be enjoyed in multiplayer , better in local, for that reason to see the face to the contrary, although it also supports online options.