By evolution we mean dive into the story and plot. Here as usual – no. This action from a distance resembles the recent Strafe. Robots took over their home planet. You are a lone hero who tries to save the remnants of humanity from the hands of ruthless mechanized killers. Your little man will have to fight all five levels and ending adventure in the factory for the production of killer robots. Cutscenes, introductory videos, so what could be there, I’ve found a text, we, of course, not be granted.

All you need to think out themselves, because we play a game, watch a movie instead. It is worth noting that at the beginning of zero domestic studio Sigma Teamintroduced players to the vision of the genre, and the opportunity to tell an original story in the meat game with the top view. Unfortunately, the developers of Housemarque ignore the idea of ​​third-party developers, not bothered to create a story.

The main advantage of the new Nex Machina is a game design that has remained unchanged since the days of the arcade. Short levels, a lot of enemies and discover the secrets of the first passage is considered to be an impossible task.

The passage of the next stage will have to collect all sorts of improvements to weapons, additional bonuses that will help kill enemies even more graceful, but the trouble is that you will die in this game at first is very common. And, as it has become fashionable in the games, whether it is good to give all earnings and honestly embossed weapons after death.

The enemies of the same at the same time do not become weaker and die in the throes of the player will have even more often. Someone may say that Nex Machinaconstantly throws gamers challenge, and it’s very cool. In part, yes, but there is such a word in igrostroy, as the balance, and then it just did not deliver. Alas.


Nex Machina - review
Now the quiz. Find the main character on the screen.


Tasks at every level of a few, but they are always the same – to destroy a number of evil robots and save as many people who are randomly scattered all over the map.

As in Robotron Our relatives will die from enemy action, and the player will constantly be distracted from maintaining its own skins for the sake of another resident of a dying planet. Because of this, the main character will die even more frequently. One slightest touch, and he’s dead. Hardcore comparable with the first parts of Contra.

Imagine you after the next restart, without weapons and bonuses, spoiling for a fight. For the first dozen corpses, the enemy becomes more bullets are flying in different directions, then the bright murderous rays at the other end of the map kill a person, and next to the large crowd of opponents of the new weapon.

Here you skillfully make your way through the crowd of robots, strafe, teleport to the cannon, joyful run save humanoid dummy, when your character explodes a la neon demon, killing all on a map, and you start again. What? Why? How? These questions will arise from the players in the head all the time, especially if you play at an average level of complexity.


Nex Machina - review
death animation is impressive at first and annoying after.


At the end of the chapter, of course, there are the bosses. They are terrible. Yes Yes. It would seem that the most difficult opponents who we must make a big test of strength, in fact, die so quickly and easily, even on the highest difficulty level, that feeling of catharsis to get simply impossible. Visually, all sorts of mechanical monkeys and flying boxers look ridiculous, and departing from them neon shards as if telling us – “Hello 2007”.

In order to increase the complexity, developers are starting to spawn enemies directly behind us, and then all the mess on the screen turns into a disco countryside where only the laser system was brought yesterday. Everything shines, a lot of bullets, explosions, there is still the enemy fled, and now lasers, and then comes to the brain that we are in this mess of lost protagonist. Died from the hands of the boss once, you are guaranteed not to perish in the second,


Nex Machina - review
The remnants of humanity running around nervously from side to side.
Now I understand why the war robots defeated.