New York to appear in The Division 2 in February – review

Ubisoft Announces Release Date for Third Story Episode The division 2 – February.

This update was shown at E3 2019, announcing that the scene will be New York Island Coney Islandwhere the operatives will come to confront with the cleaners – a hostile faction from the first part of the game, obsessed with flamethrowers.

As part of the episode, two story missions will be available, the action of which will unfold in a new location. Here’s what more players are waiting for in February:

  • two special assignments for seasonal season holders
  • new specialty
  • “Chameleon” – a submachine gun that changes color depending on the environment.
At the same time, the second raid, which was supposed to appear in the game in October last year, will be added only “sometime after” the release of the third episode.

All the described content is free for all owners of The Division 2, however, owners of the seasonal pass will get access to the plot tasks a week earlier.