On September 3, PvPvE will be added to Ghost of Tsushima – absolutely free for everyone – review addiction

Sony announced that the cooperative “Legends” for Ghost of tsushima already September 3 will also become competitive – the developers will release a free update with the mode “Rivals“.

In it, two teams of two samurai compete – players will have to destroy waves of enemies. For murder, they give a special resource magatam, which is spent on dirty tricks to competitors. You can block purchases, curse and the like.

To win, you need to accumulate more resources to activate the decisive battle and destroy the enemies before your opponents. The mode resembles “Gambit” for Destiny 2

However, this is not all – with the release of the director’s version of the game on August 20, “Legends” will already begin to change.

For example, the balance of Survival will be adjusted so that the duration of matches is shorter. In addition, there will be new weekly challenges for the higher difficulty level. Also, the developers will transfer more items of equipment from the single player campaign.

And from September 10 to October 1, even more Legends content will be released, including a complicated raid and new maps for Rivals and Survival.

However, this is not all:

  • firstly, all of the above will be available to all owners of Ghost of Tsushima – even those who will not purchase the director’s cut
  • secondly, on August 20, “Legends” will allow you to purchase separately for 1429 rubles

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