New Year event with presents and snowballs started in Dying Light – review

Studio developers Techland announced about the beginning of the New Year event in his zombie action movie Dying light. The event will end on January 2 at 21:00 Moscow time.

During the festive event, players will collect gifts from cargo, Rais’s hiding places, quarantine zones and runners. Goblins also appeared in the game. Most often they are found in the Old Town, and instead of gifts, Christmas treats fall out of them, which give short-term enhancements.

Treats can be eaten right away, or you can save up to make a granny egg leg, which will temporarily improve your stamina, defense and speed. To brew a drink, you need to complete a personal order and get a reward of an egg-foot and snowball design that freezes enemies, as well as the Santa Helper outfit.

In addition, if the community manages to collect the required number of gifts before the end of the event, you will receive a receipt for the drawing of the Sugar Cane weapon.