New advanced version of Nintendo Switch called Super Switch – rumor

The next console in the family Nintendo Switch, which has long been in the press as Nintendo Switch Pro, will be called Super switch… A well-known insider reports this with reference to his sources. Tyler McVicker, preparing a big video about Super Switch right now… He plans to publish it on Saturday, January 30th.

McVeeker wrote in October that the new model Nintendo Switch debuts simultaneously with the highly anticipated adventure game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, and even earlier, he heard information that Nintendo was allegedly developing a completely stationary revision of the Nintendo Switch with improved hardware. However, he did not call it Super Switch.

Tyler McVicker was the host of the channel for many years Valve News Networkwho revealed a lot of truthful information about the inner kitchen Valve, and has now converted into a “general insider”. McVeeker restarted the channel and is going to share insights not only about Valve, but also about work Nintendo, Bethesda and other companies.

Rumors of a new Nintendo Switch model have been circulating for a long time. Bloomberg reported last fall that Nintendo had asked its partners to make games for Switch “with 4K resolution.”

Prior to this, other Bloomberg sources claimed that Nintendo is working on a new Switch model with an improved screen and other enhancements.… The material noted that the technical specifications of the device have not yet been fully agreed, however, the publication learned that the issue of including an improved graphics subsystem with support for displaying images in 4K resolution was being considered.

If the new Switch model is indeed gearing up for release in 2023, we probably won’t see it until fall. Action RPG to be Switch’s biggest spring release Monster hunter riseNintendo today announced a limited edition Switch in the game’s branding… If a new improved revision was expected at about the same time as the hit from Capcom, Nintendo would not bundle the current model. The company usually tries to combine launches of major games and new hardware. For example, New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL came out simultaneously with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

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