Netflix Announces “Anna K” – The First Original Russian TV Series Starring Svetlana Khodchenkova

Streaming platform Netflix announced the first original Russian TV series called “Anna K“. The show will be a modern interpretation of the classic novel by Leo Tolstoy” Anna Karenina “, and will play the main role in it Svetlana Hodchenkova (“Wolverine: The Immortal”).

The multi-part drama will take place in modern Russia, where the socialite Anna Karenina, the wife of the future governor of St. Petersburg, enters into a fateful romance with Vronsky, the heir to the aluminum empire. Their romance quickly spirals out of control, threatening the delicate balance of family ties and social relationships. The series will touch upon the themes of passion and fidelity and tell that love can lead not only to freedom, but also to death.

Valery Fedorovich, Evgeny Nikishov, Natalia Merkulova, Alexey Chupov and Roman Kantor – the author will be engaged in the production of “Anna K”Epidemics“and”Silver skates“He will also be the screenwriter for the show.

Filming will take place in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but when exactly is not reported. Despite the Russian production, the series is focused on worldwide release.

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