Mutant students in the trailer for the first horror movie “New Mutants” from Marvel

The 20th Century Fox film company has introduced a new trailer for the movie “New Mutants” in the famous franchise “X-Men” from Marvel, which will introduce many new mutant characters. The premiere of the film was supposed to take place in 2018, but in the end, the tape “New Mutants” was moved to 2023.

According to, the second trailer of the movie “New Mutants” showed the new protagonists of the X-Men franchise, which turned out to be gifted students with a dark past. Heroes are placed in a secret complex from which it is impossible to get out, follow them, and promise to help survive with unusual abilities. However, the heroes soon realize that they plan to use them, and decide to organize an escape in order to escape to freedom. It is worth noting that despite the scary trailer in the style of horror, the new film “New Mutants” received an age rating of PG-13 (from 13 years and above), which means there will not be really shocking scenes in it. Nevertheless, the trailer showed a lot of frightening and scary moments, and the film itself, most likely, will be very dark.

The director of the film “New Mutants” Josh Boone (Josh Boone) confirmed that he was pleased with the film, and the tape is his directorial vision, despite numerous transfers. Many actors who starred in New Mutants back in 2017 later admitted that they had no idea what was happening with the film, and some even doubted that the tape would be released after a merger Disney and fox. However, most likely, the parties managed to come to the necessary agreement.

According to, the premiere of the movie “New Mutants” is scheduled for April 2 in Russia. Starring Anna Taylor-Joy (Anya Taylor-Joy), Macy Williams (Maisie Williams), Charlie Heaton (Charlie Heaton) and others.